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Five Signs A Woman Is Low Quality

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 18 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

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SQUEAK077 2 months ago

Good vid. I should write a what to look out for meeting women questions ect even talking to save you regret money and court costs.

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поклоняющийся богу варвар

yo jo, what do you think of southern american women (those who aren't rasict) are they good women or at least housewife material or are they just like the rest of these wretched ass hoes ?

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Jo The Philosopher
Jo The Philosopher 2 months ago

They're all the same fundamentally. However, southern women tend to be at least nicer than northern and western chicks. The natives, not the ones that moved from north to south or west to south, those chicks are still intolerable beings.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

NFC, was a thing when I was a kid No Fat Chicks.

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