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Feminism Sucks and the Government is After You | @Jennifer Moleski | Make Women Great Again!

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Published on 14 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment

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#feminism #makewomengreatagain #mwga #manosphere

#MGTOW #MensRights #RedPill #men #man #menshealth

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She floats all around the place and drifts around.....

I don't have the concentration span for this.

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Knob Jockey - Anthony "Nigger Dick" Johnson.... and Jennifer Molest Me.

Jenny goes absolutely spastic if you poke her with a pointy stick.

"Ahhhm Going to Dox Yewwww, Ahhhm Going to Dox Yewwww - Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

She did it to me and other guys.....


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hndsoff 1 month ago

Chickens are heritage not for their parenting of their chicks but specifically for their meat and/or eggs or they mature faster. Women cant be the brick, maybe the mortar at best, but that was 100 years ago. Now they are an impact drill destroying the entire wall, house and all.

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hndsoff 1 month ago

This jewish woman sounds insane, her spring was discovering herself, i see no difference between her any your regular woman, Larping as tradthots isnt working and isnt going to work because the fact that you have to even mention tradition as an outlier is a societal failure. Where are her kids at 43, ooh she has none, yes plant and raise chickens but no Children, maybe she is ahead of the NEW curve, Chicken mommies instead of Dog Mommies. Move to Colorado !!! Its like there are 5 books and all women choose one of them or parts like a buffet depending on how old they are. You in a 4 piece suit at the grocery store while the 500 other people have their pants sagging or in sweats or women in painted on leggings. None of this even registers on the needle let alone move it.

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Mustang 1 month ago


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spectre 1 month ago

it's a woman talking to women. chill.

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