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Feminism is congenital to the female

Published on 29 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣Produced by Stardusk

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Fangs13 2 months ago

for women nowadays .. males are not humans, not animals, and not living beings, we are just demonic spawns, it's fair and square to kill us, dispose of us, and enslave us.
how many men were killer, driven over, stabbed, accused, terrorized, gun shot, theft, and much more by their so called "ex-s"?
and when it's seen it's laughed at very much all the time, domestic abuse against men is funny, and women are encouraged to do it.
because it's ALWAYS the men's fault.
and when the men retaliate and do the same thing, it's instantly a 1st degree crime and he must be killed on the spot!
this is a world of women, for women, created and built by "cattle men" and women are to be worshiped in it, death is much more merciful!

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