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Feminazis protesting against "ClimateRape"

Carl Wassermann
Carl Wassermann
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Published on 23 Mar 2020 / In Pets & Animals

⁣In the UK women formed a topless chain blocking Waterloo Bridge in London, with the words ‘Climate Rape’, ‘Climate Murder’, ‘Climate Abuse’, ‘Climate Inequality’ and ‘Climate Justice’ written on their bodies.

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Aristodemus 4 days ago

gostosa kk

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oscarlier123 4 days ago

Coisa feia, me senti estuprado kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, feministas bem que podiam ser bonitas, mas são feias pra caralho, nem pelada pintada de ouro resolveria.

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Lestat_Cowalski 5 days ago

Show de horrores! Deveriam trabalhar no trem fantasma de algum circo!

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Gengis 5 days ago

Feminists are a bunch of crazy people with borderline personality disorder. They have a complete lack of rationality. And they don't even know what the hell they're feeling. Because of this, they are a very useful political maneuver. Once they attack anyone, just point a finger and call the target one of the dressage words like: rapist, patriarchy, misogynist, etc.

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SNIPER_MAGE 5 days ago

This is sad, but also interesting and instructive. They really don't know anything about what they are "defending", just listen to them and ask questions on the subject that you notice it. So, what do they do? They reduce everything to something emotional that they can understand, or better, feel! Associating climate change with rape has brought them to tears because it is something they can empathize with! They don't really need to understand!
Pay attention to how they tend to reduce everything to rape, because in doing so they are automatically victims and no one questions anything else. They love being the victims! In the past, I fell for it: I heard the word rape and was already in a rage, now I continue to hate rapists, but I demand careful investigation before. It is as in the story of the sheep that cried wolf for fun.
The interesting thing is that they are so ambiguous in everything they do that they reject eroticization, but they are always the first to go nude to attract attention. This is the big reason: they want attention constantly, continuously and in infinite quantities! They only care about the climate because it is in vogue to talk about climate change and some of them, the smartest ones, feel that it can affect them in some way and/or it can make money!
Another important thing is that even those who are physically attractive are completely and emotionally connected in this thing! This is to attract the manginas and simps! They're Trojan horses, baits and hooks! Don't fall for it! Those, who don't wake up in time, will be the most angry, upset and insane when they get older and realize what they could have had and the shit they are in!
I thought of playing a cruel joke: they associated Earth with Gaia and that we are raping Mother Earth, but what if, in fact, Mother Earth is in Humanity's labor pains and how is she suffering, she may be planning simply abort us and climate change is the preparations! Wouldn't that be her right? I don't know what the reactions would be and I think it's better not to know!

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