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Female Sexual Marketplace Calculator Shows the Black Pilled Horror of Modern Dating

Published on 13 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

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The errors of the church:

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FL_Steve 25 days ago

I look at these used up single mom hos with multiple kids on dating sites thinking they are some kind of prize and I just wanna puke. Fucking simps slobbering over their worthless asses are the problem.

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Generationless 1 month ago

Any time they give you a body count of past sexual partners, multiply that number by 3 for an accurate body count.

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FL_Steve 25 days ago

And that's just for the last month.

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ProphetMicah 2 months ago

was I the only one who experienced the screen freeze in the video?

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ThinkorDie 2 months ago

A very good way of looking at it. Science and Scripture come together- Salute

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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

Brilliant and astute statements that are systematic and analytical. This document and video should be required MGTOW content

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

Who here remembers "Hell By The Dashboard Light" before JewTube shut him down? This guy sounds very much like him but, without the mic filter.

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big_brain_nibba 2 months ago

Awesome video, and scientifically accurate to boot! Not that I needed any confirmation on how useless modern wahmen are, but you nailed it out of the park with this one, and it always helps a lot of men when it’s put into a logical equation like this. Well done!

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Alpha_Male_Lifestyle 2 months ago

if we go by halaka law they are worthless

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Judging women.... a good way to bench mark them.... Fail, Epic Fail or TOTAL loser.

Add in the shit that comes out their mouths AND the INSANITY of the shit that comes out their mouths.

I can support this highly subjective, and simplified "Gut Feeling / Facts" method of scrutiny. It is like a Pro's and Cons list, with an "Out of 10" value to be added to each issue.

Doing it, greatly clarifies the qualities of the person, and where the relationship is likely to head.

Malcolm Gladwell, brings up the issues of with 30 second detailed examination of a couples interaction, they can tell with a 95% accuracy, whether the relationship will last or end in divorce.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell | Full Audiobook

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