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Fake domestic violence

Wassermann MGTOW
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Published on 19 Nov 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

⁣Fake domestic violence

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Fangs13 9 days ago

he should have shot her in the head the moment she went feral..
this is not weird anymore. majority of whores do it on daily bases. if your bitch does it, .... release her from her misery, you are going to jail either way, so why not just also gain the time? finish her off!

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MGTOWBahia 10 days ago

mano as vezes as salvações de muitos homens esta sendo as câmeras .

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Lestat_Cowalski 10 days ago

Tomara que ela tente de novo e bata novamente a cabeça no chão para fingir ser agredida e acabe tendo traumatismo crianiano!

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wayfarer 10 days ago

Another proof of:

"Don't put your dick into crazy!"

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MrNoobophile 10 days ago

But crazy is so much fun

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Councilof1 11 days ago

What a crazy cunt (acronym for Can't Understand Normal Thought)

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Councilof1 11 days ago

I actually had to watch that a few times. Glad no woman ever tried that with me. If I did any amount of time for false charges I would definitely make sure my next stay was worth it.

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