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Exposing How the Far Right Recruits People | Informer

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Published on 26 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

“The youngest person we know and we’ve engaged with is nine years of age”

We hear from an ex neo-nazi who was involved in far right organizations like the National Front, The British Nazi Party and Combat 18 for over 20 years. When faced with the choice between staying with his wife or staying with Combat 18, he chose Combat 18 because he believed he was a soldier fighting a war.

Now reformed, he speaks about how these racist groups would target vulnerable young men who were being bullied at school to join their ranks and release their anger and hate on other races.

70% of grooming now happens online with many children being recruited through video games which involve shooting people from different ethnicities.

Informer is a series where we hear the anonymised confessions and insights of people in positions of power on the inside of important institutions.

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faggot 2 months ago

omg this is so scary

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KEEPER 2 months ago

it's weird how it's just the opposite in America. our left are the ones using these tactics but they make the claim that this is what the right are doing, while all the proof is showing on their own side.

i'm not saying that neo nazi's don't exist on the right wing side, but what i am saying is it's such a small minority of ppl who are in that group, that it's staggering that the left have been able to get away with fake news to such a degree to prop up such a small group and make them out to be this giant group they claim the right to be.

it first started with Hillary Clinton when she coined the name of the "alt right". and then it just spiraled into chaos after that, and what it caused was more violence in white ppl's direction which also caused more white ppl to join in when they started understanding that they were constantly being targeted.

just that little bit of Hillary's lies turned into something so massive, even though it was nowhere near that big, but by that time that ppl started talking about it, it was already to late and the lie spread around the world before the truth had a chance to put it's pants on.

it also didn't help that Obama was stirring the pot during his administration. the sad thing is i liked the guy up until that point, because i knew he did it to cause a divide in the nation and it worked so well.
then all the shit with our media with all the fake news and the framing of things got to a point where nobody trusted any news but them, which Hillary Clinton took advantage of when she started the Russian hoax which we wasted hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars on to "on" investigate, and it turned out to be complete bullshit, then the investigation into Trumps taxes that also found out to be bullshit.

you would think the American ppl would catch on to the fake news constantly being fed to them when it turned out that there was no evidence of any of that shit, but here we are 4ish years later and we are more divided than ever before within our country for it, all because of fake news and lies that lead to more fake news and lies.

you would think we can trust in our own media, but nowadays more and more ppl are seeing the truth in how biased the media have become, now every news agency walks on eggshells on youtube because the propaganda machine google purchased that platform so they can control the narrative.

it's too bad to, because the previous owners of youtube didn't want this, and now they regret selling their platform to google and have been attempting to start over within their other platform which i can't remember the name of at the moment.

i think they might have changed their name actually.

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