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Explosive Growth of MGTOW in Canada (Canada Is Possibly The Most Difficult Country of Dating)

Published on 13 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

This video explains why Canada is so incredibly challenging for men to find relationships and any long-term relationship including marriage. Canada by many accounts has became close to impossible for an average man in recent years to find a woman for marriage. This has also been why Canada has been at the forefront of the MGTOW philosophy of all the countries in the world and why it will likely remain this way in the coming leaders. In all aspects Canada is a country designed for females and most of their systems are parallel to the USA systems including employment hiring practices, high taxes, high immigration rates amongst other areas. Many of the most famous MGTOW community have came from Canada including the world famous "Sandman" channel. Organized MGTOW may trace its roots this northern country and quite possibly has been the biggest contributor to the philosophy of MGTOW.

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BIGLOAD 11 hours ago

So much for 'Movin' to Canada', eh ?

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big_brain_nibba 2 months ago

Oh boy, am I glad this one didn’t slip under my radar. Let me tell you something. Canada is a communist shithole, and the vast majority of Canadians are terrible people who deserve to get shot in gulags when the collapse happens. Oh yeah, I’m not pulling any punches here, because once you read why I said this it will all appear more clear.

I’ll try to keep this rant brief, but I’ve seen enough innocent men get DESTROYED by the courts that it has turned me off of dating in Canada for the rest of my life. Hence why I stopped even wanting to be in Canada, and Canadian women are some of the worst women out there. However, the issues you mentioned regarding the courts and divorce, cohabitation laws etc. Aren’t even the biggest issue. Our courts are extremely sexist and draconian. I have a friend who was falsely accused by a girl he met once of “groping” and her story made zero sense, had loads of contradictions, and they even had evidence against her from video cameras that throw a wrench into her story. He and his lawyer had everything but a full exoneration, but he got CONVICTED and is now a registered sex offender for the next however many years, despite there being ZERO evidence anything happened. Now, there is a lot that I can say on this, but let me just point out that in America, you at least have some slight form of rights if a woman metoo’s you. In Canada, a woman can falsely accuse you of pretty much anything, and you WILL be falsely convicted, unless you can prove your innocence. As far as I am concerned, if there is zero evidence proving a crime took place, and zero witnesses, there should be NO CONVICTION. There shouldn’t need to be evidence proving a negative, proving a man’s innocence, that is a complete and total inversion of innocent until proven guilty. However, in Canada they don’t need to prove anything. You will almost CERTAINLY get convicted of a random woman accuses you of groping her, raping her etc.

So, innocent until proven guilty isn’t even practiced here. It’s “said” in law, and people pretend, and are fooled into BELIEVING the system works the way they say it does, but it is so easy to get falsely CONVICTED (not just accused) in this nation that being with a woman in literally ANY capacity is a dangerous prospect. It’s a pattern I realized in western nations, they pretend they’re “free” and that they have fair legal systems, but it’s all a lie. And the general population never realizes it until it happens to them. I would not want to be a father in Canada of a son, because knowing his life would constantly be in danger, and that the courts are corrupt and stacked against him would be too heartbreaking. If you’re a man, DO NOT have kids, or be around women in Canada. Just leave! And I don’t even need to get into divorce, or anything like that since everyone already talks about this. I just wish more people would talk about how sexist out legal system is, and how men who are falsely convicted have no justice. Think of all the innocent men, not just in Canada but all over the west who were accused, whether it be rape, sexual harassment, a wife coaching the kids to accuse the dad of molestation etc. And then being branded criminals.

The worst thing about this, however, is just how vile the people who work in the system are. Cops, lawyers, judges, administration, parole, whoever you speak to, they will deny Canada has any issues, they will gladly see to it that an innocent man is convicted REGARDLESS and they will proudly role play in their fucked up heads that they are doing the “right thing”. There was a story of a man who got his nose literally bitten off by his psycho wife, and the police arrested HIM and you can bet your bottom dollar he was treated like shit by the cops, and treated as a criminal. That’s what I hate the most. Very few people acknowledge the fact that the general population of Canada, let alone the law officials, will laugh at a man who got divorced or falsely accused, or if a man in the street gets attacked by a woman and defends himself you can bet that droves of “men” will come in and beat the man up, just because the average Canadian male (99% of them in fact, and yes these numbers are accurate) is so far removed from a genetically healthy man, and is such a white knight with the moistest of pussies that they don’t even care that sexist laws against men exist.

Now, none of this is unique to Canada. This is a western issue. Period. But it is far worse in Canada than most other western nations, certainly worse than in America. Family court isn’t the only issue, it’s ALL courts. If you get falsely accused, even a minor crime such as “groping” you will almost certainly get convicted and you will lose everything. And 99% of Canadians will laugh at you.

When I say Canada is a nation of sociopathic failures, I mean it, and none of my friends disagree with me, and bare in mind this was just a small taste of what I actually have to say about the situation up here. It ain’t pretty. I am ashamed of this nation, and almost all it’s people. I couldn’t possibly sit here and not comment this, even though I realize how lengthy this is.

Rant over. I just hope more people can see through Canada’s communist authoritarian facade and look down on that country as much or at least half as much as I do.

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Trevor 2 months ago

Man just ordered by court to give 50K a month to his ex gf whom he never lived with. Canada is a joke.

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Spartacus 2 months ago

Canada is a dangerous place for men. It's unsafe to attend university and start a family. If you're going to lose every time, why play the game. Stay single and be happy.

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Councilof1 2 months ago

I had no clue. Apparently I'm not missing anything.

Btw the healthcare system isn't anything like it used to be. It's really changed in the past few decades.

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