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Escaping Woo Woo Women

Published on 23 May 2020 / In Entertainment


⁣This video about crazy women who are into occultism.

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TheNarcsEnemy 3 days ago

I have to disagree with most of your premise that these spirits etc aren't real. Stories to back it up. Yet, i totally agree and would even emphasise to all men... stay the EPH away from woo-woo women. Just ghost them.. they like ghosts. Those entities (and those that play with them or imagine them) have no interest in the well being of good men.

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Johnny_Cage 2 days ago

Exactly. I've had encounters wth very negative demonic entities and they're no fucking joke. They are VERY real but you have to let them in or empower them. They possess and fuck with women because women are usually weak-willed and are stupid/naive enough to try to use them or control them. You cannot overpower or try to manipulate dark forces. They're WAY beyond our control.

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TheNarcsEnemy 3 days ago

Wait, so the movie is saying that only white men are able to face their fears. And as such, are the only ones that will survive. Oh boy... that will open a can of worms somewhere!

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