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Elderly Couple Married 73 Years Allowed To See Each Other After Being Separated For 8 Months

Blind Fox
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Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

Wow! That old women must have been oppressed all her life, obeying that man...
Where's a feminist when you need one?

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SQUEAK077 7 days ago

politicans need to be hanged for pulling this crap along with ceos/big tech ect and bill gates and the list of people not in media.

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Blind Fox
Blind Fox 7 days ago

Why politicians & CEO's? It's the people themselves who are to blame! They always pull crap like this, but the dumb idiots who let themselves be manipulated are the ones who let them do this every single time!

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sauger1001 13 days ago

Yet these are the same people that the liberal politicians, like Whitmer (the witch), Cuomo, Murphy, and "Bang Your Wife" Newsom (Jericho Green), would rather lock up in nursing homes, and murder them.

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ancientredpill 13 days ago

Back in the day when marriages lasted for many years 50+ it was uncanny how often when one of them passed away the other one usually passed away within months sometimes even weeks or days later, either they did not want to go on alone or the shock of the husband/wife's death was too much to bear. I do not expect we will see much of that anymore.

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Julian6669 14 days ago


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Codexman 14 days ago

1. this kind of love is RARE. Modern women will never know this depth of commitment and caring. 2. Who the fcuk separated them, I'd like to have a little chat with them and apply some readjustments on them.

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JMGTOW 13 days ago

we don't have "Women" anymore. Just physically grown "Girls" because parenting is hard and society cucks to girl's demands.

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AvyScottAndFlower 14 days ago

I don't think modern, ''INDEPENDENT, STRONG'' whamans will get to be that old..

If you know, what I mean..

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JMGTOW 13 days ago

gawd I fucking hope not. let their 72 cats chew up their inside-out-puss corpse drowned in wine.

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