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Eggy's Hermetic crucible SE01 "They cant dont love black men the same way"

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Published on 23 Jan 2021 / In Film & Animation

Originally aired on youtube 2/2/2019

Oldie but goodie! I made this video long before the term 'Karen' existed. Enjoy!

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Johnny_Cage 16 days ago

Been saying this on my channel since I started it. White women, in my opinion, are among the top 3 most racist women on this planet. When hitting a nerve [the truth] debating with them, I've had them spew the most racist and hateful venom I've ever heard. Their hearts are completely black with rot inside; their full of spite, deception, and arrogance to the max.

Black women are among the most racist too, but mostly out of self-hatred and inferiority feelings when pertaining to beauty standards. White women, however, are like that out of feelings of inherent superiority and their TEMPORARY privileged positions afforded by modern White societal power structure. Despite this, they are the weakest women internally and morally. They have no fucking ethics or morals, only being limited by social outrage or parameters. They can be so cruel, it makes me wonder just how human they are. If they can get away with some disgusting injustice, they'll do it with a smile on their faces and triumph in their hearts.

They are like this because White MEN treat them [the pretty ones especially] like they are untouchable, infallible goddesses that can never lie or cheat or fart. That's why they're so arrogant and privileged. Innumerable Black men, women, and children were hanged and beaten and raped on the baseless accusations of White women; because they felt powerful from doing that.

That psychopathy has been ingrained in their genetics and passed down like an original Afghan family AK-47: it just goes from one user to their next of kin forever! Except the Ak-47 gradually breaks down, but the White female psychopathy just grows stronger and stronger, and feeds on itself, strengthening and reinforcing with prolonged use.

How many White women have been busted cucking guys out when the results from DNA [Ancestry.com, 23 And Me, etc.] tests, revealing that half or more of her kids are by different fathers? A LOT!! So many that France actually OUTLAWED those DNA tests when not approved by the mother. What kind of bullshit is that? These psychopaths would have gone their whole lives letting their whole family believe their lies. That kind of betrayal and deception is just beyond 'cruel' and into the 'unforgivable' and 'inhuman/demonic' realm.

I think I've made my point!

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awol201 29 days ago

It is blatantly obvious . Thanks

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Eggy_Noggy 29 days ago

Just remember... This was an old video from 2019 - When i published it then , I received serious threats from feminists. utoob didnt block or ban them... at all. Thanks for watching and commenting!

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