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Do Binaural Beats Work?? A doctor explains binaural beats

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Published on 22 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

Binaural beats are a technique involving listening to specific sound frequencies in order to induce mental states, such as relaxation, sleep, concentration, memory, and creativity. Do binaural beats actually work, and what is the science behind how they affect the brain?

Binaural Beat Study References:

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Neural network:

Audio resources:
Track: Implications of the Drake Equation. Artist: I think I can help you
Track: Cumulus Nimbus. Artist: Quincas Moreira

Intro/Extro Track: Melting Sands. Artist: ELPHNT

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 14 days ago

Kind of like how strobe lights cause seizures, it’s basically an audio illusionary frequencies that stimulates certain parts of the brain into releasing Serotonin, Melatonin, Even DMT from the pineal gland, It basically tricks the brain into entering a euphoric even psychedelic state through a very powerful induced placebo. Just like meditation and prayer.

Just like when people pray Just like when people pray they are using certain parts of their brain to communicate with god,

Even though I don’t identify as religious nor atheistic in that matter and especially oppose Satanism with good reason. I do indeed believe in him as our centralized creator as well as other ascended masters.

Yes I believe in God but I do not believe in religion, Satanism or atheism... Neither are true...I believe God never intended for one arbitrary religion to make us dependent upon him. God gave us right and always wanted us to be spiritually independent God gave us rights and free agency and always wanted us to be spiritually independent and go our own way spiritually as long as we weren’t evil.

Religion atheism and Satanism entirely are all a part of the spiritual plantation designed by dark forces to stunt our spiritual journey towards spiritual growth and evolution.

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