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Dj Tiësto Ft Maxi Jazz - Dance4Life


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Published on 17 Aug 2022 / In Music

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⁣You only take heed when you need to [2x]

And you need to

Come let me brief you

Let you see where greed leads to

And you need to

Inspire the love inside your people

Our people, equal

Hurting for all those lethals, no spires

No more hell fires and please no more gunfire

Dance for life [4x]

Quench with people then thirst

Put them first

And when the floodgates burst

Come inside and we'll keep you strong

We protect the children of this new dawn

We're properly skilled and we fear no storm

And what we're building will persevere long

After the wicked them disappear

Justice, truth and rights gone clear

Me and the youth, we have a start this year

Dance for life [12x]

HIV AIDS is lethal

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