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Disrespectful Loud Mouth Woman Gets Put In Place

Darius M
Darius M
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Published on 04 Jul 2022 / In Entertainment

Single Mom Goes VIRAL After Threatening Man In Park: https://youtu.be/RsNaziYd254

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lyhyemmat 1 month ago

What a waste of time, talking to meatbags

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GenerationLESS 1 month ago

Bottom line is mind your own business and stay in your own lane.

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sorearm 1 month ago

Women really are trash. Black women are worse. And black men too

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sauger1001 1 month ago

I see no man at this ratchet's table. Whomever's recording must be another woman; the aforementioned aunt, perhaps? These heauxs are toxic. Not sure I'd even waste my time on a pump n' dump. She might track me down later, looking for more. Lol.

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