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Discord Login System with Chrome Extensions | OAuth2/OpenID Connect

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Published on 22 Aug 2020 / In How-to & Style

⁣How do Chrome Extensions Work? ⁣https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/how....-to-build-a-chrome-e

If you need a secure login system for your Chrome Extension, but you don't want to or don't know how to create all of the necessary
gear--authentication servers, databases...---you can use the oAuth2/OpenID Connect protocols (specifically OpenID Connect) to create one for you.

By delegating the authentication (different from authorization) of your login system to a secure, trusted login system like Discord's, you can have
a safe and secure system for your Chrome Extension up and running in no time.

We'll first head on over to the Discord's Developer's console to get ourselves an OAuth2 Client ID, then we'll start building a login system.

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