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Degeneration in black community

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Published on 03 Jul 2021 / In Pets & Animals

⁣Degeneration in black community

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Mr_Sluggo 3 months ago

I'm a black conservative, i would never get with a black woman.
Just sayin.

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hurgfer 3 months ago

Mais propagando de rabo!

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AbyssWatcher 3 months ago

now i hope you get a glimpse of why black men who have morals and integrity are starting families with non black females. Sure in general all females are feminists...but this....this....is an abomination. One of the reasons why they are being abandoned and left to rot. The governments are going to have a tough time trying to sustain these klingon bitches. There's only so much taxes that you can steal from your citizens before they trigger another civil war

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MGTOWSTRONG 3 months ago

instead of stick beside her.....COURSE-CORRECT her!!!! You're the mother! NOT the friend or confidant....THE MOTHER. That actually means something. Our daughters are failed by their mothers....this clip is evidence of that.

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