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Defending the Fire Emblem Engage Protagonist....

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Published on 21 Sep 2022 / In Gaming

Everybody dislikes the character designs for Fire Emblem Engage (except me).
Turns out that the new protag was designed by Mika Pikazo, known for the character Sei Shounagon in the Fate/Grand Order mobile game releases, and the light novel series Apocalypse Witch.
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Nintendo kicked off its latest broadcast with the official reveal of Fire Emblem Engage, arriving on Switch in 2023.

During the first look, players were introduced to the game's protagonist - a new character rocking a red and blue hairstyle. If you're wondering why this new hero looks like a VTuber, it turns out the illustrator involved actually has a bit of a history in this field.

Artist and illustrator Mika Pikazo took credit (via Twitter) for this new character. She's previously helped design the VTubers Hakos Baelz, Kaguya Luna, and Pinky Pop Hepburn (thanks, Kotaku). Pikazo is also known for the character Sei Shounagon in the Fate/Grand Order mobile game releases, and the light novel series Apocalypse Witch.

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