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Defeating Anti MGTOW Arguments

Published on 28 May 2020 / In Entertainment


⁣This video is about arguments against MGTOW
Game: Smash Ultimate Fighter: Inkling (Orange)
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AmanleyLoad 1 month ago

Stephen is a box of random nails intill you offend his beliefs then its the same old nail, again and again. This guy as you said is stuck in the past, like them values worked anyway? they fuelled a generations of slaves that joined armies and died for secret societies falling outs.

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wroger_wroger 1 month ago

The audio is appalling.....

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ThinkBeforeYouSleep 1 month ago

This video was made before I was in a treated room and I had the gain turned all the way up on the microphone.

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mustno3 2 months ago

It's ALL woman. When it's the nature of things, then it's all. It's a statistical impossibility that a woman would never act on her nature.

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grbolivar 2 months ago

Stefan is a trad cuck, MGTOWs should not be paying attention to him.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Amen brother, We’re backed by reason and logic. Also when it comes to bitchy trolls that try to throw out cruel and condescending insults or remarks into an argument about us, There’s a difference between a normal argument and a flame war. Just like there’s a difference between criticism and flat out harassment/defamation, The reason blue pilled-trolls will try to add insults into the argument which they have with us is because Number 1: they’re trying to disarm the valid argument by delivering debilitating blows to our past emotional scars therefore make us lose our cool. Because those simps, feminists and thots know that they’re not going to win the argument against us so those trolls and infiltrators will do anything cause they don’t accept defeat or responsibility and especially because they are total female narcissists and pussy-beggars.

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