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Conservative men aren't finding most women attractive options

Better Bachelor
Better Bachelor
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Published on 16 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

Apparently loving your country and the flag of that country is bad. Is it a wonder a huge chunk of men have left the dating scene?

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mrghoster 1 month ago

I would rather support a national flag or a flag of freedom, that some rainbow faggot flag. Mind you I don't support or follow my national flag in the UK, because Britain is no longer a UNION.

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sardonicsmile 1 month ago

I foolishly hope for the collapse. Perhaps, I will not survive...
Although the Country has failed and is falling, we are a long way from the 1st Republic and the original tenets from the Founding Father's.
Moreover, I think national pride is more of a manufactured concept; when the nation does not even care about the men it its citizens. Also, it is a way for people who have NEVER sacrificed for our country to put themselves out as someone who has.

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Heavyhand 1 month ago

No shit. By A doll.

It doesn’t replace a woman but it sure takes the edge off. Imagine post nut clarity all the time.

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Menwalkaway 4 1 month ago

Then these Wahmans wonder where have all the good men gone...
we walked the Fxck away


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