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Christian Dating Coach & Post-Wall Roastee Upset With Young Buck Dropping Truth Bombs (Analysis)

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Published on 25 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

Each of these guests has a very different set of experiences when it comes to dating. Michael Strider is 48 years old and has been married and divorced. Nick Dorado is 20 years old, and has never dated. Alicia Perkins has dated, but has chosen to remain a virgin until marriage. Clementine is in her mid-thirties, has never been married, but has chosen to experiment #Interview #Analysis #Marriage

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Mr_Sluggo 29 days ago

You white guys let your women run amok...That is the reason why they cuck the shit outta you. These same white bitches has convinced all the other female races of their bullshit and here we are today. Bitches thinking they don't need us. Tatted up like jailhouse mates. Thinking their shit don't stink. Perhaps the mantra "Islam has gotten it right" rings true.

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InfiniteMushroom 28 days ago

Behind every woman is an army of JEW-trained gorillas in uniforms, wielding guns, and are obligated to automatically assume the man is guilty in any domestic disturbance call. Then you go before a JEW-trained judge and he/she/it will assume the man is guilty until proven guilty. I put the lion's share of the blame on JEWdeo-Xtianity (formerly known as Christianity) for creating generations of weak-willed males of all stripes because they're taught Romans 13, the Sermon on the Mount, and other toxic doctrines. As for 'Islam got it right about women' HURRAH for the Taliban!!! If anybody can show us the way out of this JEWS' PARADISE, they can and they MUST do it!

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InfiniteMushroom 30 days ago

I've learned to steer clear of ANYTHING that features, "Christian," in the business name, image, or profile. Christian Dating Coach.......GTFOH. True Christianity and business are contrary to each other. If a businessman is ethical, then let him show it by his work and practices.

There is a Midas muffler shop near me that features a large electronic billboard under the Midas name and hawks Bible verses and imagery as a virtue signalling advertising gimmick. Nauseating. Went to it decades ago (different location) before the owner realized that the Bible is a great sales tool. As I sat waiting for my exhaust to be fixed, I saw what a shyster the manager was when new customers would come in. He was slick and managed to up-sell every single work order to $100, especially if a customer came in for the advertised $49 brake special or $39 muffler replacement.

It has been my unhappy experience that "Christian" businesses are the WORST. Yes, there are a lot of non-religious shady businesses but, these "Christian" peddlers shamelessly exploit their customers.

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AireonMaven 1 month ago

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PRICK 1 month ago

What are you looking for in a woman???

1. Her absence.

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Bagoodman 1 month ago

I think most dudes would say...(My Dick)... Then space Ghost is on - poof gone !

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