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China is ass ho

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Published on 27 Jul 2020 / In Film & Animation



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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 3 months ago

There one of the most evil dictatorships I’ve ever seen. Like China were selling illegal drugs to the United States border funding the drug cartels + they funded antifa and aided the dems. They unleashed a plandemic and they did their sick nefarious spying and hacking operation us soil even during the pandemic, They even killed 50 CIA agents recently in 2018. Like how fucked up can that be. We must place very very strict sanctions on them including for war crimes. They are the elite dragon family which is the Asian deep state family along with the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Maozedong was a Seed or apprentice for the Illuminati conspirator/Rothschild agent Carl Marx which they’ve actually met in person.

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AngryVeganCyclist 3 months ago

Mfw you think Co-ro-ro is in any way an effective bioweapon let alone one to begin with

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AmanleyLoad 3 months ago

USA and UK have killed millions over lies and the setting up of central banking. This is psychopaths falling out. fakearona Doesnt technically exists. its an enviromental purge of toxicity. Vgee creates the toxicity that they label rona. This lab talk is crap. All that was to set up patents. As i said we are just caught in the middle of psychopaths falling out and we are the rats in the crossfire. If we stopped using money and burned all central banks. They would loose all their power and you would see every single country behave like China. These psychopaths would destroy everything out of fear of loosing control. It doesnt matter if its china, UK, USA, FINLAND or any other country. As a peole we have allowed these psychopaths in and we worked and become a cog in their well oiled machines called the system. Name one developed country that is NIT held up by patents and co operations. You cannot. the closes one was north korea but tump resolved that as soon as he stepped into power. THERE ALL IN THE BIG CLUB. that doesnt mean they all get on. The hidden master even above the rothschilds and other bloodlines that we ony hear about are already sorted watching is get distracted by all this shit instead of sorting our OWN HOMES out

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