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Channel Reset (My personal Life is no longer up for questioning since some want to lie and slander)


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Published on 27 Sep 2022 / In Other

Not saying completely but as far as mybrelationships, family, so forth an so on. I have shown enough as is. People use it for ammunition to twist to fit their narrative. I'm sick of it. I'm done with these channels that want to so-call "help me" and make others see vids of me that are humiliating/Bullying by nature. An expectation me to be open to them? Seriously? How do you think that makes me feel if others perception of me. The only help I need is my counselor (appt soon) Dr's. Pastor. An my Brothers. I will be okay. But just so you know Mod rules.
1. No disrespect or sneak diss (inside joke disrespect) toward anyone.
2. No bringing up the past or anything serious in a "chillstream" titles even.
3. If titled not as chillstream but still is a laid back stream please respect the channel ow ers rules
4. No name calling/doxxing Dropping links unless it's a Mod who has a channel or wishes to share a channel. (Once in a while is plenty)
5. No bringing up anyone's family period. Point blank.
6 No doxxing anyone's work, or suggest to have someone to call it.
7.This is not a troll channel. If you "troll" which can mean many things. Please do it on your own channel, or own way but do not use anyone or anything discussed as fodder for trolling.
8. If you as a Mod. Undo an Action I the channel owner an Mod Director takes. You lose your wrench for 2 weeks.
2 instance you love your Mod privileges.
There will be trolls, alt accounts, people who wish to disrupt the stream. If you wish to be a Mod. Please wrench in the chat and I will pick randomly!
Intro & Outro produced by @Guitar Fingers 2.0
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