Cash Me Outside

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 06 Apr 2021 / In Comedy

⁣Cash Me Outside

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All men are evil dumb animals and all women are strong brave intelligent people according to. Phil, PhD.... ?

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for_Archangel Liberation_Y

The surprising detail rests in the fact that I would NOT be surprised to see Dr. Phil intervies what appears to be a 57 year old 7-11 manager with a grey moustache in a 13 year old girls body.

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KEEPER 6 days ago

Damn soon everyone will be so easy to take out with technology such as this. As well as the technology that can manipulate voice files.

No need to accuse you some bullshit, all I need to do is Alter your voice facial expressions put them in a video of someone else doing the crime, and you're fucked.

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Lestat_Cowalski 7 days ago

Uma pena eu não conseguir entender as falas.
Mas fica o like, como sempre, incondicional.

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Carl Wassermann
Carl Wassermann 6 days ago

Valeu !!!

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