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Can’t make a wife out of a hoe compilation a must do

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 24 Mar 2021 / In Comedy

⁣Can’t make a wife out of a hoe compilation a must do

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SQUEAK077 1 month ago

I guess this is the new thing. Before tide pods/self hurt buttons over Trump was elected what is the new norm ?

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sorearm 1 month ago

Sad thing is it's true. Also, notice how sure they are of using violence - hitting, throwing things. .... just reverse the sexes for a moment. Ditch these disgusting hoes

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Freshers 1 month ago

First song - Megan Thee Stallion - Body, Second song - The Kid LAROI - WITHOUT YOU. Please watch the first song's video and then you will understand what a fucked up situation we're in.

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selfworthy 1 month ago

Still funny as fuck

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Fangs13 1 month ago

the first silly part of the song, where does it come from?

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Fangs13 2 months ago

they just keep twerking like a whore .. and they are happy about it as well! .. well can't make a wife out of a whore! XD

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Fangs13 2 months ago

this is a challenge that i support! can't make a wife out of a whore!
attack them with the same style they attack us!

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Hard_hairy_big_pack 2 months ago

So nobody noticed that 9 of 10 women started to hit their boyfriends after they were called a hoe. You can't even joke with a woman without it getting physical. That's when you know, women know they have the system on their side and men are a bunch of pussys. Even if it's just her being playful it's not worth it for me to date a hoe. Pump and dump and stay safe.

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Alpha_Male_Lifestyle 2 months ago

men need stoning more more than the women

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Alpha_Male_Lifestyle 2 months ago

how far have we come from stoning

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sauger1001 2 months ago

I guess there wasn't ONE, not ONE virgin in that group of waahmen. Too late to deny. They're all busted. Lol.

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Sir 2 months ago

Treat & View All Women automatically as Hoes unless they can Prove themselves to be Otherwise. However, that likely would Mean you found an elusive Unicorn. Good luck finding that in this Modern day Clown World. lol. ツ

And of course, the Song is Spitting Fact & the Women know it's true, " You Can't make a Wife out of a Whore ". And most Women Overtly or Covertly are just that, an Opportunistic, Parasitic Hoe. Nonetheless, thx 4 sharing the Video. Cheers.

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CatFoodMillionaire 2 months ago

If The Collective tells her to be a hoe, she will be a hoe. If the Collective shames hoes, she stopped looking like a hoe. Female mind only exist in the here and now.

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CoffeeCat 2 months ago

Isn't it interesting that all of them - ALL of them - instinctively know how to act like a cheap stripper, and they only think its bad when song lyrics call them out for what they just did by their own instincts.

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 2 months ago

Personally, I am part of that lower 80% of undesirable/invisible men. I am not Competitive to win girlfriends from which I could select for a wife, anyway.

I gave up years ago... Gone MGTOW.

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Mgtow_economics 2 months ago

It's not possible to be competitive because the Government gives them handouts in the form of welfare. It's causing a demographic collapse in our nations. #ItsNotYourFault

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Lestat_Cowalski 2 months ago

Caras que tem orgulho de serem cornos!
A maior vergonha que eu posso imaginar.

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Gengis 2 months ago

Estão rindo da própria cornice. rs

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JMGTOW 2 months ago

these girls laughing about it because they themselves knows it's true, that they're just hoes.

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James1225 2 months ago

No class or culture, all hoes love shaking fat ass.

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FL_Steve 2 months ago

Why is it that white girls want to act like black girls now? That is definitely not attractive to white men.

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