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Bodybuilding with what?

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Published on 22 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

any help would be nice :D

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snake_charmers_jj 29 days ago

Suggestions if you want: not an expert but seen enough autopsies to know you may not want to use any of that crap.

I went from a 320+ To 238 lb record holder at 50 years old in raw powerlifting.

At your weight never use tren or roids, not even preworkout or whey/ protein powders or even shakes! Spend the cash on quality food!!!!! Save the other cash for a quality trainer and a nutritionist and a few tests.

Body weight exercises negate the need for bands. 500 pushups a day may take 50 sets day one... imagine day 60...now do sit-ups and pull-ups etc.

Slow is the way to go as you got too fast.... surgery for removal of huge amounts of skin is extremely dangerous & recovery ain’t fun. Save the money.

Look into real trainers of actual performance athletes that are former champions. Anyone can print a kinesiology certificate so contact the university or research the trainers record. Don’t be afraid to walk if the trainer is sketchy... it’s a job. They can assist with programs but a nutritionist is key. Like me, you will plateau eating too little so get a RMR, a bodpod and bloodwork. I had to add 800 calories and boom, back on track.

Steroids lead to kidney damage, liver and heart issues but so does sugar and processed foods... I got rid of a lot of health issues like 40+ kidney stones (passed 7 in 7 different combat zones without pain pills so why would ever add more drugs?)

See Dr Berg on YT for intermittent fasting and try keto until you’re near 210-230lbs. Then you can add carbs on heavy weight training days but study macros and micros with nutritionist.

Nothing earned is ever easy so please do it safe , slow and throw away all the muscle and fitness bullshit mags. And never give up... just find another way.
If I can do it at my age I know you can too... clean, slow, safely and with a bunch more $ in your pocket.

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EdTrollington 29 days ago

I really fucking hope you're not talking about juicing as in steroids. As far as resistance bands go, I'm not really sure for building muscle, but I wouldn't imagine that it would help very much, except for arm exercises, but I could be wrong. I don't know what all can be done with them and how strong the bands go up to. I put on about 25-30 lbs of muscle in a year and a half with regular weight lifting. If you're that overweight, you can just start with body weight exercises. Congrats on losing 100 pounds though, that's a huge milestone. Keep at it man.

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