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Body-cam video that shows a Platteville Police Department vehicle parked on railroad tracks before..

Published on 25 Sep 2022 / In Film & Animation

Police in Colorado have release body-cam video that shows a Platteville Police Department vehicle parked on railroad tracks before it was hit by a train while a woman was detained in the back seat.

In the video, an officer is seen standing on the tracks, looking in the direction of the train. The officer then walks off the tracks and the train crashes into the patrol vehicle.


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Longshanks 2 months ago

Uh it looks like the officer decided it was time to execute that useless bitch and made it look like some kind of accident. Kinda miring his Hitman 2 high level skills.

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Heavyhand 2 months ago

So I’ve been on the Internet for a while. That is literally one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m simply to believe that these officers park on the fucking train tracks and they thought everything was OK. Shane t Hanson said it better than I did.

Look at at his comment.

The stupidity just has me stunned.

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TelepathicRapist 2 months ago

man these people are idiots. They should have to come out of pocket for that personally. tired of the public having to pay for the endless mistakes of these retards.

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If you ever get the chance to find a train - idling with a crew, on some open track somewhere, and go and ask them if you can have a few minutes of you standing in front of the train, with a hand on the coupling, and to get a portrait photo of you, with the whole front of the locomotive in the picture as well, and then just admire the size..... "When it comes to fucking with trains - just don't" = So what is it about these fucking morons parking ON a train track, and leaving someone locked in the back seat, that they do not get?

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About you fucking arseholes executing that chick in the car - here are my thoughts on your activities.

Having done all the crash repairs on the locomotives - where a big semi stalls on a level crossing and the train just goes, "Pow!" straight through it.... and the repairs more often than not might be attach some new brake hoses (compressed air) to the front and some old guy with an old jam tin 1/4 full of paint, with a wire handle, and a pain brush, walks around the front of the locomotive, touching up the scrape marks.....

What you learn is "Trains - just stay out of their way. Just do not fuck with them."

And yet these fucking retarded cunts - parked the car ON the train tracks - of a fairly active train line, and not once did they go:

a) "This is a bad spot to stop a car - I had better park it at least 10 feet off the tracks..."
Nope they parked it on the tracks.

b) None of the other fucking idiots ever said, "That is a really bad place to park the car (shit for brains) - move it off the tracks".

c) And despite the oncoming train sounding it's MEGA LOUD air horns for quite a distance, NOT ONE of these fucking numb skulls, got into the car and moved it OR got the suspect out and moved her away from the tracks and vehicle....

They ALL deserve to be executed for being brain dead cunts.

All of them.




Physical Address:

400 Grand Avenue
Platteville, CO 80651

(970) 785-2215

(970) 785-6113

Dwyer, Carl
Police Chief
(970) 785-2215 ext. 1202

Vazquez, Pablo
Police Sergeant
PD (970) 785-2215 ext. 1203

Lago, Tony
Police Corporal
School (970) 350-4239; PD (970) 785-2215 ext 1203

Brewer, Kerri
Police Administrative Clerk
(970) 785-2215 ext. 1210

Bender, Chris
Police Officer
(970) 785-2215 ext.1209

Blackburn, Stephen
Police Officer
(970) 785-2215 ext. 1206

Bonner, Scott
Code Enforcement / Police Officer
(970) 785-2215 ext. 1207

Clark, Christopher
Police Officer
(970) 785-2215 ext.1208

Zimmerli, Dylon
Police Officer
(970) 785-2215 ext. 1201

McChesney, Matt
Police Officer/School Resource Officer
(970) 785-2215 ext. 1200

For the group email:

pdrecords@plattevillegov.org, cdwyer@plattevillegov.org, rlago@plattevillegov.org, kbrewer@plattevillegov.org, cbender@plattevillegov.org, sblackburn@plattevillegov.org, sbonner@plattevillegov.org, cclark@plattevillegov.org, dzimmerli@plattevillegov.org, mmcchesney@plattevillegov.org

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Heavyhand 2 months ago

I’m not gonna agree with you that these people need to be executed but damn man they need to lose their fucking jobs and face charges for just being so stupid. They didn’t even think to jump back in the car and move it off the train tracks when they heard that train horn coming. Dude you are right those things are loud as fuck

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@Heavyhand: I am not getting hysterical at the mere mention of the T word.... If you EVER can get to a locomtive maintenance depot / construction / overhaul place and get a tour of them being put together or pulled apart - take it. They are not "frightening" in the hysterical sense - they are "frightening" in the sense that they are SO large, and SO heavy and it's ALL really big, thick, plates and parts made of steel - and what the locos have a few thousand tons of load behind them.... if you get in their way - your fucked... Think a tin of sardines going under the steam hammer.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdt6jPXhx8I

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