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Blue Pill Cucks Have Seen all the MGTOW Videos

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Published on 15 Mar 2021 / In People & Blogs

Three times in the past month since I've joined Twitter there's been a run in with a Blue Pill Male that makes all-encompassing statements about MGTOW.

When I've called out and challenged these men on what they say, they claim that they're "seen all the videos" After having dealt with this a few times there's a pattern there and this video, in particular, will give you an idea on how to answer and deal with these men.

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RossGray 5 months ago

call it what it is a jewpill

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NoFemVAL 6 months ago

exterminate blue pills.

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InfiniteMushroom 6 months ago

There is a difference between Blue Pill Boomers who remember life in Old America and what we have now.
What we have now is JEW FILTH. Cucks, simps, male feminists, trannies, demonizing White Men, etc. are ALL JEWISH in nature. It's in their blood and even an octaroon Jew is toxic. Guarantee this simp with the, "I need feminism.." sign is a fucking JEW. Not a full blooded Shlomo Jew but, he has enough in him to make him insane.

NAME THE JEW and it's all too easy to see the causes of the gangrene all around us.
NAME THE JEW or you're just chasing symptoms and getting nowhere.

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SQUEAK077 6 months ago

Lets play a drinking game... i give up trying to figure out society. Good vid.

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libertyanyday 6 months ago

sadly the single moms have created these simps......... paradoxically they wont sleep what they create.............

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gchase 6 months ago

The blue-piller holds up a,sign ..I'm a feminist because......
I don-'t need to read the rest of the sign...it is going to read stupid, self-loathing, sjw, whining & useless
He needs to carry a barfbag.

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Lucifer333 6 months ago


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KEEPER 6 months ago

i have been going my own way for roughly a decade now, and i absolutely haven't seen every mgtow video, there is simply to much content to keep up with. but sometimes its cool, because you find content creators who you never knew about on youtube.

the problem i think the ppl who say they have listened to all mgtow content, it's probably because they have only seen rage bait mgtow content. i didn't like angry mgtow's stuff when he was doing his thing, but it baffled me when ppl still supported him when he told his audience that he wasn't mgtow. and he was an grifter the entire time.

undead chronic was another one i didn't like all that much, to me these guys are low hanging fruit mgtow, they often got into the rage bait shit and the pick on stupid feminists shit. there was a time when i enjoyed this kind of style, but i eventually grew out of it, but that didn't stop the next generation of mgtow boys who joined the acronym from making the same shit style content.

like i get the guys who actually been through some shit and were red pill raging for a while, but for years and years on end? no, these guys are grifters in my opinion. the red pill rage doesn't last for years and years, the most it will last is an few months. and i think this is where some ppl think they have seen all mgtow content because they have only seen the negative without seeing anything else, they focus have seen all the low hanging fruit mgtow.

i have no doubt they have listened to the mgtow content creators such as spetsnaz or stardusk or barbarosa for that matter.

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NerokeFive 6 months ago

I asked a couple of guys what the hell was so appealing about Angry MGTOW their response was that MGTOW at a certain phase of their process his content appeals to them at this time. I personally never liked Angry MGTOW. Undead Chronic does do some substance his takedown of Kevin Samuels was pretty decent for instance. His content is low brow but it's head and shoulders above Angry MGTOW

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KEEPER 6 months ago

@NerokeFive: i guess i never knew about this aspect of chronic, i just get sick of the rage bait shit. i mean at one point that's almost all there was on youtube, like i was into it when mgtow 101 did it, but i think it was because miggy had an sense of humor he implemented in his videos, which is why i believe he became so popular in the first place, then he got mad that some of his viewers were listening to other content creators so he though it was high time to attack the other content creators and start some drama. i guess it comes back down to those 3 details of why ppl cause drama, it's either the motivations of "money, women, status" it just ends up being viewed as petty, that would have been fine if he left it alone. but ego flexing is a problem that ppl tend to fall into for some reason.

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