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Black-Pilled Menace: Dealing with #ME-TOO Feminists & Trolls (2019)

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Published on 09 Dec 2020 / In Other

⁣Hello monks and spunks,

I've changed the about section and included legal disclaimers on this channel. WE DO NOT PROMOTE THE HATRED, HARM OR HARASSMENT OF MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN ON THIS CHANNEL. THIS CHANNEL IS NOT A CALL TO ARMS.

Due to recent allegations and harassment of a notorious troll, Patrick John Doran. Of whom the Calgary Police Department, local news departments, and local police authorities have been notified of his activities. This METOO feminist has tried attacking my brand based on ad hominem attacks and character assassinations via MSM and third party harassment.

To help other channels protect their brands, perhaps they can learn from this experience and diversify their content away from counter-trolling SWATTers, harassers, doxxers and #METOO feminists and focus more on positive masculinity, positive development, and life skills. Rather than looking at this incident as a threat, this should be embraced as an opportunity for growth.

Black-Pilled Menace

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