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Black Pill Bachelorette #3 - Sara

Published on 14 Oct 2022 / In Entertainment

Superchats: https://cash.app/$thevitalmessage
TVM Linktree - https://linktr.ee/thevitalmessage
TVM Merchandise - https://the-vital-message.creator-spring.com

Intro music by Selfed Made:

Black Pill Bachelorette Concept:
There is 1 bachelorette and 8 bachelors. Prior to the show, the bachelors selected love or money. Love means that they win 20% cashapp donations and a "date" or youtube collab with the bachelorette. Money means that the bachelor wins 40% of cashapp donations if chosen. The bachelorette will select a bottom 2 per round and they will get an opportunity to plead their case to stay on the panel. Additionally, this is an interactive show where the audience can back a contestant with donations to grant them immunity (details below).

Pay-2-Play Immunity:
To back a contestant, send a cashapp superchat. In the memo, put the contestant's name in parentheses after your superchat that will be read on stream. Immunity works like this:
1. In round 1, immunity requires $25 backing you
2. Immunity costs will double after each elimination
3. Immunity can only be granted until the final 4
4. At least 3 players must be vulnerable. If one player is singled-out without immunity, immunity price will double. (e.g. when only 5 contestants remain, only 2 players can have immunity)
5. Donations granted during the bottom-2 elimination phase will be used for the next round.
6. Money backing a creator does not reset after each round. Hypothetically, a single $200 donation in round 1 could be enough to buy immunity for the player into the final 4.


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