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Black Mans Hitler

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Published on 17 Oct 2019 / In People & Blogs

Me explaining the black male genocide in AmeriKKKa through a specific artform

This video is old so you need to listen to the vid with headphones, sorry :(

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ketsa 4 months ago

You should have a look at the now famous "IQ by countries" map. It explains a LOT.

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Hagbard138 4 months ago

Indian Reservations and Black Ghettos were petri dishes on how to subvert/control a population. If one looks at the similarities you see a pattern. First, you have an army of social workers, teachers, and other government bureaucrats who are largely women. Second, there is usually a corrupt "Chad" keeping order--with that army of women running everything. Third, making jobs scarce for men--creating a permanent underclass/criminal class of men.

Behind the drug trade, you will usually always find the Intelligence Services. Lastly, notice how Martin Luther King spoke out against The Jim Crow, Apartheid South Africa, and White Rhodesia but never said word one about Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Marty King knew who buttered his bagel.

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nostra 5 months ago

TBH, I'm not paying to see these videos,
TFM, huMan, and sandman's videos are literally free, I have never seen one of your videos to sample from, and i'm not paying for half eaten steak.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 5 months ago

@MonkPsychology: I will generously ad this inspiring video to my playlist as one of my advertisement videos + I’ll leave a link in the description In order to support your channel. But to keep in mind I’m very new here and I’m not so experienced with video making and I don’t have the stuff to creating my own videos so I usually rely soulfully on exporting and renaming video links mostly from YouTube also have a good time. ;)

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Brahmacharya 6 months ago

Hey MonkPsychology your content is great. Please fix your paypal so you can get your donations.

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MonkPsychology 6 months ago

ll fix it tomorow ;D

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