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Bill Gates dances in Tiktok

Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW
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Published on 30 Jun 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Bill Gates dances in Tiktok as he takes a short break from murdering millions of people through his "pilanthropy".
Frickin awkward cringy death clown 🤡

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Nietzschinho 10 days ago

Gazela bilionnaria

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Sentient_Of_Truth 13 days ago

Wassermann MGTOW: would you mind downloading this video and mirroring it yourself.
i ask you, because you are the highest viewed channel on this website now. and you probably know how to put tags in your video. the point is to reach as many ppl as you can.

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Bill Gates Melindrado
Bill Gates Melindrado 13 days ago

Kkkk faço isso “todo dia”assistindo os vídeos da me respeitem.....

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Rallister 13 days ago

isso aí é uma bichona

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Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW 13 days ago

Não tem como esconder uma bicha dessa.

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