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Being An Over 40 & Single Woman Not A Red Flag? Comedy GOLD!

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The Realist Philosopher
Published on 03 Dec 2021 / In Entertainment

⁣Women would have you believe that men and women are equal. We're not equal, and differing outcomes can sometimes be judged differently. If a woman is over 40, and single, it's just not the same as a man who is also over 40, and single. Sorry ladies. In this brain dead bit of copium an old broad tries to convince herself, and you otherwise. Comedy GOLD!

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lyhyemmat 5 months ago

Women over 40 exist??? I don't see any anywhere

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mgtowlive 8 months ago

I have no problems doing to woman what they do to men like me equal rights watch that video of mine it's called they got what they wanted

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FL_Steve 8 months ago

This is every modern urban woman ever. Rides the cock carousel in her 20s until her pussy is blow out. In her 30s "wants a relationship" but no quality man wants one with her. In her 40s no one wants her used up, dried up hole and no one wants to "fix her car" either. Four abortions! What a mass murdering whore! And she has the gall to demand that a man have "character"??? And no one believes that 10-15 body count either.

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