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Banterverse Ep. 1 - Bank Runs, AI Deepfakes, St. Patty's Day, Passport Bros, 10 Cent Beer Night

Published on 16 Mar 2023 / In Entertainment

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#siliconvalleybank #ai #deepfake #blackpill #passportbros #stpatricksday #storytime #podcast #chillstream

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Rickcoona 7 months ago

this is what happens when the banks gamble with derivatives markets and are leveraged up to their eyeballs and like the commodities markets its a zero-sum game, meaning, they will face billions in margin calls and because of the 2008 bank bail out the government is on the hook for ANY losses the banks incur. and when the Derivatives market implodes it will make the 1929 stock market crash and resulting depression will make that look like a sunday picknick in comparison

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