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Avoid "Drama Employers"

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Published on 24 Nov 2022 / In Film & Animation
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I had a job once, with a retarded prick of a super visor, cleaning cars with a vacuum cleaner, and a cloth - on the inside.
The stupid nit picking cunt was going off his face at me all the time, for cleaning the car - starting on the left side, instead of the right etc.... Just bitching, snivelling, scolding and trying to start fights ALL the time...

I remembered a story about a dumb cunt who worked at the meat works and this cunt was so stupid, he would be hosing down the interior with a hose of HOT water with lots of caustic soda in it... and if some one came up near by and called his name, he would turn around - pointing the hose stream, where he was facing and at the the person who called his name....

Yeah fucking dense.

AND this cunt one day, was throwing a tantrum over pressure cleaning the crap off the car, by starting at the front, instead of the back.....

And he started screaming at me, I had the pressure cleaner hose in my hand and it was running.... so I just turned around.... looking him in the eyes.....

It took like half a second or so and his whole front from the belly down was soaked...

"Oh Oh sorry boss fuckwit..... Oh soooo sorrry Oh Oh Oh Oh.... "

To the BIG boss, who hired this retarded cunt.... "Well he walked into it - not my fault".

: )

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