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Assassin’s Creed Revelations - Soundtrack


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Malkav Saiya Yautja
Published on 04 Apr 2021 / In Music

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Request from KEEPER

⁣01 Assassins Creed Theme (00:02?)
02 Animus Island (4:45?)
03 The Road to Masysaf (7:37?)
04 The Wounded Eagle (10:32?)
05 The Noose Tightens (12:33?)
06 Sailing to Constantinople (13:59?)
07 Master And Mentor (15:33?)
08 Welcome to Kostantiniyye (17:18?)
09 The Crossroads of the World (20:49?)
10 Sofia Sartor (24:20?)
11 Son of Umar (25:03?)
12 No Mistakes (26:26?)
13 The Traitor (29:13?)
14 A Heated Discussion (32:51?)
15 Ambush (34:41?)
16 A Familiar Face (37:69)
17 Byzantium (39:10?)
18 Nova Roma (42:33?)
19 Templar Occupation (46:35?)
20 Arrocco (50:10?)
21 On the Attack (52:42?)
22 Last of the Palaiologi (58:06?)
23 Yerebatan Cistern (58:06?)
24 Fight Or Flight (59:59?)
25 Galata Tower (1:02:46?)
26 Die by the Blade (1:04:51?)
27 Forum of Ox (1:07:56?)
28 Suleiman's Grief (1:09:53?)
29 Istanbul (1:11:57?)
30 We Walk Together (1:14:57?)
31 Altair Escapes (1:16:12?)
32 Betrayal (1:17:50?)
33 The Mentors Return (1:19:02?)
34 Rebuilding the Brotherhood (1:20:57?)
35 Of Life and Death (1:22:57?)
36 Greek Fire (1:24:36?)
37 An Unsubtle Approach (1:26:30?)
38 The Hidden City (1:27:52?)
39 Infiltration (1:27:52?)
40 Cappadocia (1:30:01?)
41 Street Fight (1:33:53?)
42 Mastermind (1:36:15?)
43 Notorious (1:37:46?)
44 Constantinopolis (1:40:56?)
45 Investigation (1:44:31?)
46 Everything Changes (1:46:41?)
47 You Have Earned Your Rest (1:49:43?)
48 Passing the Torch (1:50:52?)
49 Crossed Swords (1:51:44?)
50 Scheduled For Deletion (1:53:46?)
51 Altair and Darim (1:54:47?)
52 The Library (1:56:01?)
53 The Revelation (1:58:58?)
54 Labored and Lost (2:01:23?)
55 Reunion (2:04:17?)
56 Enough For One Life (2:05:14?)
57 Abstergo Industries (2:07:17?)
58 Rhodes (2:09:20?)
59 The Hunted (2:10:01?)
60 Antioch (2:12:11?)
61 The Hunter (2:12:45?)
62 Kill Streak (2:12:45?)
63 On the Run (2:14:40?)
64 Constantinople (2:15:17?)
65 In the Simulation (2:17:56?)
66 Find the Target (2:20:06?)
67 Firenze (2:22:11?)
68 Welcome to the Fold (2:22:51?)
69 Souk (2:24:33?)
70 Chase the Target (2:25:08?)
71 The Lobby (2:27:11?)
72 Venezia (2:29:07?)
73 Let the Chase Begin (2:29:57?)
74 Sienna (2:31:57?)
75 Tracking Templar (2:32:33?)
76 Castel Gandolfo (2:34:45?)
77 On A Kill Streak (2:35:26?)
78 The Pursuit (2:36:12?)
79 Assassinate the Target (2:38:12?)
80 San Donato (2:40:06?)

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KEEPER 10 months ago

one of my favorite lines that Ezio uses is during the trailer of this game.

he's writing a letter to his sister Claudia, and says......

he's wary of this fight, not because he's tired, but because their struggle seems to move in only one direction,.... into chaos, and why he's come so far to find clarity.

so that he could better understand their struggle to continue to fight, and should his struggle lead to his death, to not seek retribution or revenge in his memory.

but only continue to fight in the search for truth, freedom, liberty, love, so ALL may benefit of the Truth and to continue to fight for it.
Ezio before the end of revelations said....
“I knew I would not have enough time to do everything. Now I worry I do not have enough time to do anything.”

in which he left his life as an assassin to have a family, to enjoy the freedom he fought so hard for.

then his letter to his wife before he dies is told with what it took him a lifetime to learn and to embrace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=q_eH0HiJi18&t=

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KEEPER 10 months ago

in life, there will never be an end to the conflict, it must always be fought with eternal vigilance and the blood of patriots, if you wish to keep liberty and freedom in good balance, you need justice.

it's weird how Ezio's life is a testament that can teach so much about our current modern day understanding of the conflicts we currently face.

this is why freedom and liberty must be fought with the righteous hand of justice and with strong conviction and constant vigilance, so that justice will prevail, because otherwise we will lose it all to the evils of this world, who will use their power for tyranny and oppression of the people by any means.

Ezio's life and story are no longer just a story and a game for me, but it's learned wisdom in how to keep your freedom and how it must be fought over constantly in order to keep that freedom and liberty.

what i see now is,.. we are on the verge of losing it all because we gave too much freedom to those who didn't earn it and just kept giving to the point of tragedy of collapsing nations under a one world government who's only desire is to control and to pervert everything we hold dear to crumble before our feet.

another lesson comes from the Templar Master, Haytham Kenway, about how freedom is an invitation to chaos,.... he's right when there is too much freedom being pushed out to those who don't deserve it, as there needs to be a balance of all things.

of course Haytham represents those who do not deserve freedom as they would use it to control the people just as our Elites and their one world government plans to become the rulers of all peoples of the earth.

in their doctrine it leaves a very creepy message on the Georgia Guide Stones of how they will enact their one world government through chaos and destruction or "Order Through Chaos" as the statement goes.

when all is said and done, they will have their New World Order, in which they will use to enslave the world of those who survived their plans to reduce the worlds population to under 500 million world wide.

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KEEPER 10 months ago

powerful music helps me write with passion.

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Malkav Saiya Yautja
Malkav Saiya Yautja 10 months ago

@KEEPER: Keep on writing.

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