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Asian MGTOW completely ignore Asian THOTS

Published on 04 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation

100% Concentration
0% Thots

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Fangs13 5 months ago

you reminded me when there was once a competition and one of the companies hired 2 prostitutes to do all kinds of poses, and moans and whatnot, the full package, in front of all the opposing company players, and the funny thing is, even with full nude bodies covering the player's shirts from their backs, both sluts were completely ignored. when you are a hardcore gamer, and you are fully immersed in what you're doing, even if the world ended, you won't notice.

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Pariah 6 months ago

That's just their photo shoot. And in my side of Asia, you'll have to pay a lot of money to their parents to marry them. Thanks to feminism, you're paying for the added burden than anything else.

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Augusto Pinochet
Augusto Pinochet 6 months ago

Promoted soldier

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LogoAssassin 6 months ago

Game over women. Game over.

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MoonBase 6 months ago

why are they doing this

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dojega8113 6 months ago

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SQUEAK077 6 months ago

need tape with 3 cones stay away.

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Nox1galzu 6 months ago

The Hero and the whores.. A title for the video??

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Inslayerclone 6 months ago


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Chad Hart
Chad Hart 6 months ago

They wanna handle his joystick & buttons

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Lucifer333 6 months ago

touching a guy without consent???, ASSAULT! RAPE!!

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Lucifer333 6 months ago

The guy is solid

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BookOfDaniel 6 months ago

How about just let him be and play his game? Oh God...

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JavierMgtaoism 6 months ago

The power of showing indifference. It drives women loco.

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поклоняющийся богу варвар

what does loco mean ??

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Wolf178 6 months ago

@abderrahmane: loco = crazy

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поклоняющийся богу варвар

@Wolf178: ah alright thanks man

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S. Ironheart
S. Ironheart 6 months ago

I've seen hundreds of boobs. Big deal.

I was waiting for the camera to swing around and reveal what game he was playing.

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поклоняющийся богу варвар


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cth96190 6 months ago

That is how all women should be treated.

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Furioso 6 months ago

Snake ,talk to me ,SNAAAAAKE !!!!

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SpetsnazMode 6 months ago

I don't care if it's staged, this kid is my hero

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Hammerhead69 6 months ago

Only way to win is to ignore the whore.

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AvatarOfSgrA* ShaperOfThings

This put an INSTANT smile on my face! (¬‿¬)

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