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Armed Man FIRES At FBI In Ohio, FBI Raid Sparks Civil War Fears, Democrats Have Crossed The Rubicon

Tim Pool
Tim Pool
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Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

Armed Man FIRES At FBI In Ohio, FBI Raid Sparks Civil War Fears, Democrats Have Crossed The Rubicon. At the time of recording the man was not in custody and was reportedly firing on police from a cornfield.

Many outlets have reported violent rhetoric and calls for civil war were emerging following the FBI raid on Mar-a-lago. While many Trump supporters are claiming this is a psyop or a false flag as they do not believe someone would actually do this.

We don't yet know the motives of the man and it may be unrelated to Trump but with fear of a second civil war, the midterms, and democrats having "crossed the rubicon" according to even Trump's critics, this could be the spark of something terrible.


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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

Time for the so-called Free Market to swing into action. Black Market style. Patriots and WHITE MEN who've fucking had enough of this JEW TYRANNY need standoff weapons, like 81mm mortars and, eventually, a few dozen Shmel-M shoulder-mounted launchers with thermobaric rounds.

Now, all that said, I hope this hero had a valid reason to fire upon the FBI in Ohio i.e. a personal one. It's hard to get motivated to fight a monster where the threat is largely theoretical and hasn't taken notice of you yet. If you KNOW someone who has suffered contact with our criminal Jewish government, then it's good to get some experience in, proxy war style. Fight for somebody you know who HAS suffered from bureaucratic insolence and get the experience in before the time comes when you have to fight for yourself.

While epic MARTYR HEROES, like Joseph Stack III, showed how it's done and for the right reasons, unfortunately, he did not live to fight another day. He did not have a fellow fighters to take up his cause after him. That is wasteful. Better to read books like, "The Turner Diaries," and reset your thinking into new ways how tyranny might be fought. And so you can live and fight another day.

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NoFemVAL 1 month ago

That poor bastard is dead. Hopefully he gets millions of copycats !!!!!!

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It's hard to see how, after the FBI has been fucking around on so many issues e.g. Hunter Biden and Co., that they are to be taken seriously in terms of trust, ethics and upholding the law.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 1 month ago

This fucking tim fool talks too much for what he says.
Guess he got the stutter under control now.

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