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Are women children I don't think so! Am I am a Socialist Ehm, no

Published on 01 Sep 2020 / In Film & Animation

In light of the most recent video it has become clear that female hypoagency is alive and well.
Produced by StarDusk

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Bagoodman 1 month ago

Well as soon as women know they can get men to do everything for them just for looking good they STOP doing most thing's and just hone there skills to Manipulate Men . Men Get stupid and do what they want just for a chance to fuck them . So you pick witch sex is more stupid . Looks like Men are the Dumb one's !

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Mitch3l 2 months ago

Wow thanks, never saw it this way. We really do treat them like children by removing responsibilities from them. For example if a guy and a girl are drunk and have a one night stand, the girl isn’t able to give consent but the guy is still responsible for everything he does. There are more scholarship programs for female than male. They can run a business to the ground and walk away whistling and saying « I’m just a girl! » Society let them get away with a lot of things. I thought they were children but I realize now it’s just an act. If they were required to be responsible for their actions, they would be, they’re not stupid. But we let them be irresponsible, so why not, again, they ´re not stupid.

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