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Are Modern Women Undateable

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Published on 25 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣Are Modern Women Undateable?

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mrghoster 3 months ago

Modern women are Undateable, unreasonable, unlistenable, and the best thing to do is distance yourself for what is coming to a fefail near you? feminism is now dead, it wont be long now Government have what they want they will drop the fefail like a hot potato. Women just do not see they have been used like ALL of us and they have made it clear what their ARROGANCE let's MEN know their feelings are on us? the quicker you avoid or abandon the fefail the quicker this chaos will end?

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sauger1001 3 months ago

Unfortunately, today I'm also noticing MUCH more effeminate men, almost like a reversal of roles. Sheryl Sandberg's husband being a perfect example. My mother seemed to become less "enamored" with my father, with each passing year, as he made it clear he wasn't joining the "church of Rome" (synagogue of Satan, imo), as she was already catholic before they were married. He also became intolerant of her nagging; LMAO! Still am a bit confused as to why she consented to marry him in the first place, since he was a masculine man (served in WW II in the China/Burma theatre), and she was showing (during my childhood in the '60s) signs of feminism, though I believe she was a good mother. The "greater cause" of "for the children" (7 of us total) began to wane with each passing year, as he finally tired of her, but he of course loved us (as we, him), and ALWAYS came by to make sure we were cared for properly, after their divorce, following their 18yr "marriage" ("AMAZIN'", as JLP would say). He's the reason I detest feminism and feminist waah?men, and will remain "toxicly masculine" until death.

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