Apathy (A Topic Request)

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 03 Feb 2021 / In Entertainment

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Furioso 3 months ago

Very interesting topic , like you say meditation is very important to do the void in you ,erase the conditionning of the system ,your life only depend on you ,you can love your parents and your children or at least tolerate them but it's in you to find a way in your life , learn survival and other skills to be self sufficient to make money and some martial arts to build some confidence .As a man ,you must find a meaning for your life ,and it only depends on you .Fuck what other people are thinking about you ,if you build friendship that's fine but the main focus is yourself .

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KEEPER 3 months ago

right on my friend great video as usual.

so did you get in contact with alpha male lifestyle and leave an message about livestreaming? he will eventually see your message and help you out.

i'm currently trying to get him to create some kind of tutorial embedded within the site, so folks can figure it out without his direct help, he is always working on something, so be patient, he will eventually get to you.

i can help with some things on the site but i'm no expert with everything, i volunteer in helping folks on the site as much as i can, but there are some things i'm not properly equipped when it comes to helping.
i want this website to continue to grow so we always have a place for not only mgtow content, but also free speech, it's just a little difficult as some want to shut down sites like this at all costs.

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Jo The Philosopher
Jo The Philosopher 3 months ago

I haven't contacted him yet. In fact, I haven't even tried livestreaming yet! I will soon enough and if there's any issue I'll send him a message. And as for being patient, no worries, it probably will be something minor. Anyway, thanks for all you do to keep this site running. The content creators need it.

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