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Annabel Chong 5-1-95 daytime TV appearance, World's Biggest champ

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Published on 08 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

Annabel Chong brags about setting a world group-sex record alongside director John T. Bone and porn actor Ron Jeremy in clips from this daytime TV appearance broadcast 5-1-95. The BetaGems channel also has "Sordid Stories with Annabel Chong & Ron Jeremy" parts one through five.

BetaGems are culled from an archive of over 1000 beta video tapes recorded from 1983 into the 1990s. Most feature live music performances broadcast on television in San Diego CA, though there are also rarely seen commercials, comedy clips, and other material that doesn't seem to be anywhere else on Youtube or online. Most of the tapes were recorded on a Sony SL-HFT7 Super Beta Theater Hi-Fi Stereo - the same model was refurbished and is being used for these digital transfers and uploads.

In rare occasions where a BetaGems clip does appear elsewhere, we're only uploading if our own beta master is better quality or contains material not seen previously. Much footage comes from public television and public access broadcasts that the taper, who worked for a local cable TV production company in the 1980s, monitored nightly for several years. Some of the programming is strictly regional, mostly from the San Diego area.

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wroger_wroger 2 months ago

Porn Hub + Search "Annabel Chong" = Well......

Gerry Springer actually did some really good episodes, and this was one of them.

I mean good, as in real people, living real lives, in the real world.

And some open discussions on the assorted subjects.

Personally, I think it's all bullshit....

And Annabel Chong, with her unsafe sexual practices, is a sewer pipe of venereal diseases....

They are all fucked. VD city and sex addicts.

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Magnum 2 months ago

The sad fact is that should exist cuck simps who would be the #252 also licking clean the cum over all the floor.

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 2 months ago

Almost 8 minutes in and I can't watch anymore.

Retardation is real.

This further cements non-relation for me.

   2    0
Councilof1 2 months ago

That show is a modern freak show. It's like watching a train wreck, it's difficult to look away.

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