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All fun until she divorces you.

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 08 Dec 2020 / In Comedy

⁣All fun until she divorces you.

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Wolf178 3 months ago

When I was 20 I was boneing 19 year old girl from the virgin islands with a 2 year old boy. I knew her from work. I didn't know she was married to a 45 to 50 year old dude until after I slept with her. She invited me over saying her uncle was out of town. Married for a green card. Stopped sleeping with her when she told me she felt weird because there was a 3rd guy she liked more but he didn't want to sleep with her because she was married. She said this while we were having sex. Female nature has always been present. I'm now 39

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37712z 3 months ago

Damn that brutal

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blackeagle 3 months ago

That was not a real man of genius. That was marketing lying to get us to buy piss water beer.

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Carl Wassermann
Carl Wassermann 3 months ago

Where's my GREENCARD anyways hahaha ...

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