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A single mother says she felt forced to become a spicy content creator, to avoid becoming homeless


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The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf
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Published on 23 May 2022 / In Other

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bigintol03 1 month ago

She's trying to be funny, she's not, she's just a fucking pig! plain and simple!

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DutchCobbler 1 month ago

Makes a poor life choice.
Makes more poor life choices to remedy poor life choice.

Her kids are forced into having a mother showing her butthole for easy money. Her kids are forced to live with the consequences of a bunch of bad decisions by a woman that uses sex to ruin her own life and reputation. Her kids are forced to have a mother that thinks only of herself under these circumstances, worrying about her own feelings above theirs or anyone else.

She wasn't forced to do this, but she forced it on two people that she has complete power over. Can't even blame their dad because there are plenty of jobs a woman can take that pay well and don't require fingering herself and potentially traumatizing her own offspring, for which she seems to think less of than her own ego.

I'd give her the gold on mental gymnastics, but it's clear on her face and in her words that not even she buys this crap. She's just making justifications; the easy money, instant gratification, and ego trip apparently mean more to her.

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 1 month ago

Its amazing how she is justifying being a whore.....listen darling a whore is a whore by any other name

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Mr_Sluggo 1 month ago

This bitch is in no ways christian nor conservative.
BTW...Not interested in watching your cams or your stanky butt hole.
IMHO....Social media is the cancer of our civilization.

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joolco22 1 month ago

Notice how she started as a Fans Only tramp, going to be moving into cam work , shortly after that she'll be starting up in the escort business, then it will one step further and she'll be doing porn shoots getting a stiff dick in every orifice. Just think her little kids will be in the next room as mommy is getting her rocks off or while some dick is pounding away at her 4 or 5 times a day. When she does step into the porn world she'll be going out on shots at different locations and having to leave the kids with her sitters. What a great ay for her kids to grow up, teaching her girls that they can make lots of money flat on their backs .

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