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An Informal Conversation with GirlWritesWhat about MGTOW, Feminism and Stuff

Published on 08 Sep 2020 / In Film & Animation

Just a little conversation we had....

I apologise for the extended ending with black, I tried to fix it but after 2 tries I did not want to go through it again, too much time. Apologies again.

Produced by Stardusk

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Bill 2 months ago

When they were talking about vindictive women wanting their exes to go off and die and how women move on faster than men... in our ancient genetic past women were owned by a male until another male came by and kill him and took possession of his women. So genetically it would make sense that women are wired to move immediately to a new man once the old man is gone and in the genetic sense gone would have meant dead.

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Bagoodman 2 months ago

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