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Published on 24 Apr 2021 / In Science & Technology

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selfworthy 5 months ago

Do you think, information and logic will convert marxist or maoist? The information is already here, but it is willingly ignored.

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zeitgeisteater 5 months ago

It depends. Information isn't a magic spell that banishes Marxism. I recall ages ago there was a meeting amongst officials on how to gain compliance from the public with so much information available. The conclusion reached was it was easiest to simply overwhelm people with information so they would be unable to make decisions properly. So, the fact that the information is "here" isn't enough. A contributing factor is it's buried under 50-feet of ideological noise. Nobody goes to a search engine and thinks, "Let's randomly type in the acronym 'mgtow'".

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hndsoff 5 months ago

@zeitgeisteater: we are way past the point of that now, massive amounts of information as grey noise to obfiscate, we are now at a point where normalization has to occur, where everyone sees the sky as red, no matter how much you can prove that the sky is blue or how much proof you have, it wont matter, they believe the sky is red, they see it AS RED, the only way now is with a boot to convince them that the sky is yellow or green or whatever, because their belief that the sky was blue never mattered to begin with.

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hndsoff 5 months ago

You cannot argue using logic against dogma, nto to mention that most people dont have the intelligence to understand your arguments or even care, they will say or do anything including ending others if it was no consequence as long as its a means to power. This is a fundamental flaw in especially they weak who are physically mentally morally and spritually weak which would put over 85% of the global population in this category.

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

Also we need to prevent hiring ANYONE over 75-100KG weight
just like JAPAN

If your a fat and overwieght person you have 4-8 weeks to lose weight
or your fired

Schools need to bring back proper exercsise and sports activies

Get rid of the anti white hate, trans and gayifcation

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

Patriarchy is the ONLY SOLUTION



All Women should be educated to year 10
Ditch year 11+12

Women need to learn to be house wifes in year 11-12 (16-18)

We need strong heathly slim ethnic women married
18-21 , 21-25

No female should marry over 25
No female should work fulltime before 45

We need women to work cheap part time jobs like
- baby sitter
- waiter
- office working
- cleaning
- gardening
- flower shop
- food shop

to give them SKILLS to become a MOTHER

Women can work full time for 20 years from 45-65
Men can work fulltime from 15 to 45

This gives men 30 years of working full time
providing a HOME, SECURITY and SAFETY for
women, childern, family, pets and the community

If women want to get divorced they can leave at 40-45 after the kids have left home
She can be strong,indepant and ALONE left to her own success or failure

We need homes to be bought and kept in FAMILY NAMES
MEN need to hand these homes , farms and land down to their kids when they get married

Renting homes/land isnt the solution
being in DEBT for 20-50 years isnt the solution

Being MULTICULTURAL and GLOBAL isnt the solution

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

How does one PROTECT their NATION/COUNTRY and RACE
if you dont EXCLUDE poeple on RACE ?

Would it be okay if
Chinese Ran South Africa ?

Would it be okay if
South Koreans ran India ?

Would it be okay if
Japanese ran Russia ?

Then why is it acceptable for
Non Whites, Blacks, Jews and Kikes
to run/control and discrinate/hate/exclude against
White people in White Nations ?

Why are whites held to a different standard

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

The best way to expose female nature would be setting up a female only town

Female only

No Gay or straight males entering or working in that town

See how long that could last without goverment help, hand outs and state force to achive equal outcome

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

26:40 All these wankers will get shot or thrown under the bus and turned into equal slaves in 2030-2035

Zionist Jews will be up the top
white brainwashed idiots will get killed for knowing too much
or rounded up into smart survlance cities

We will have two societys going forward

Woke Anti White Mega cities with goverment, ubi, taxation, meat and food control and "SAFETY" and "SECURITY"
along with controlled semi rural towns that produce goods for these woke mega cities

then you have the actual free people
Ethnic nationalists
Eco Villages
Community Homesteads
Rural Villages that are all
200-300km away from towns or cities
these will all have to get fenced, border wall,moat and barb wired up
to defend against Goverment, Drones, Robots and savage wankers
and armed "police" from mega cities attacking free people

This will be out future 2030-2035-2040-2050 leading up to a point that whites are going to finally address the big elepant in the room
and talk to blacks and various groups what to finally do about Goverment, central banks, israel and zionist jews/kikes for GOOD

Exile them to israel
prison them
or some other solution

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

26:10 Not a single woman is ever held accountable for lying about
false claims of any type

Women ALWAYS under

will always get a FREE PUSSY PASS and void of any personal invidual accountable for their own invidual actions and choices
This is why ALL WOMEN dont desive to

Work from 25-45
Goto uni under 45
or run a business

They are selfish entited cunts void of any accountablity and lack the ablity bilogically to admit they are wrong and have done wrong actions

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

zeitgeisteater - Please look into
* Agorism
* Voluntaryist
* Community + Local Currency
* Currency based off HOURS
* Captialism without Goverment


Is Captialism :-

* Payment using State forced Banking/Currency
* State Forced Regulation
* State Forced Rules
* State Forced Safety

Is Captialism :-
* State Forced Min wage
* State Forced Income Tax
* State Forced Wage Tax
* State Forced Payroll Tax

Is Captialism :-
* State Forced Pregant Pay
* State Forced Holiday Pay
* State Forced Sick Pay

Is Captialism :-
* State Forced Union Fees
* State Forced GST/VAT

#statism #goverment #force #mandate #captialism

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

Gold and Silver standard is flawed and centralised banking ISNT the SOLUTION

The REAL Solution is

Self Goverence
Local + Community currency based on NATIONALISM and HOURS

No fait
No Central banks
No Gold/silver/copper standard
All money is to by locally/district/state/national printed

Also anyone should be able to print currency
anyone should be able to MANFACTOR , PRODUCE and make your own

Thus Royalitys , Copyright and patents work against the best interest of race, nation, countries, knowledge and humanity

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

20:40 Its true thou
because that is the GENETIC NATURAL TREND of ALL WOMEN
its female nature
its bilogical
its at the DNA GNOME level

Again Truth, science, stats vs offense/pandering/mah feelings

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kryptk 5 months ago

Check out mark passio

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

The word RACIST is a made up word to weaponise race against us
and to prevent real dissusion about race and what RACE is subverting our nation

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

All these brainwashed anti whites NEVER EVER actually look at the RACE of people in power in
- Central banks
- Media
- Hollywood
- News
- Goverments

Because if they actually looked at that
they would then see who FUNDS that group and where all the "AID" and "GRANT money goes too

Hint - No pro white, pro nationalist groups/people

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

Feminism >> Zionist Jews
Diversity >> Zionist Jews
Multiculturalism >> Zionist Jews
Non white immergration >> Zionist Jews
Open Borders >> Zionist Jews
LGBT + Trans >> Zionist Jews

Its all a weapon against - non jews, whites, nationalists
Asian nations like - Japan and South AFrica will be thrown under the bus

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

So called FREE , Western and Demoractic Based Nations
actually spy on its own citizens for groups that hate whites and freedom

The '5-Eyes': USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia
The '9-Eyes': '5-Eyes' + Denmark, Norway, Netherlands , France
The '14-Eyes': Above groups + Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, and Italy
Others - Japan, South Korea , Israel , Singapore


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charliebrownau 5 months ago

Charliebrownau Solutions for Nations

One Polical System
One Region
One Race
One Culture
One Society

No educating women past year 10
No 'higher education' till they are 45-50
No female married over 25-30
No male married over 45
Dedicated workplace for Women and Men or mixed

No pregant Pay
No paid time off
No sick pay
No holiday pay

Min wage back to 5-10 dollars per hour
No Income Tax
No hiring people over 75-85KG
White Business's hiring Whites only (White Australia First)

Remove Pussy pass
Remove Alimony
Remove child support
Remove Divorce "settlement"

Remove Forced Union/Retirement Funds
End UN + WHO Funding
End Agenda 21 + Climate pact
End trade with Middle East
End Multiculturalism + Anti whitism + End Anti Nationalism

Swap World central banks with national Banking based on HOURS
no more overseas owned /funded/inflanced control
Gold to be used as International Trade along with various raw materials

Send Chinese back to HK/China
Send Indians back to India
Send Black South Africans back to Africa
Send Jews back to Jewian/Jewica urr Israel
Send Arabs + Muslims back to Iran/Middle East

White Nations are for Whites
Asians Nations are for Asians
Russia for Russians
Chinese for China
Japanese for Japan
Middle East for Arabs

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

If Whites have SURPREMCY and PRIVAGE
why all the discrimation, hate, abuse , excludion, censorship and deplatforming and
agresive hate pushed onto WHTES ? While raisng up non whites and
enabling a system that whites ARE being replaced in their own homelands

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

"American" CEOS

* Amazon CEO - Jeffrey Preston Bezos

* Twitch CEO - Emmett Shear (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Fakebook CEO - Mark Zuckerberg (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Whatsapp CEO - Jan Koum (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Instagram CEO - Adam Mosseri (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Alphabet CEO - Larry Page (owns Google)(Ashkenazi Jew)

* Youtube CEO - Susan Wojciki (Asheknazi Jew)

* Twitter Leslie Berland - People & Marketing(Ashkenazi Jew)

* Snapchat CEO Micheal Lynton (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Reddit Chairman - Steven Newhouse (Ashkenazi Jew)
* Reddit CEO - Steve Huffman (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Tumblr CEO - David Karp (Ashkenazi Jew)

* Discord CEO - Jason Citron (Ashkenazi Jew)


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hndsoff 5 months ago

look at bezos using physiognomy

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

This whole White blame also assumes that non white imported people

have no displine, agency or self control to raise their own kids
and control their own life to get out of poor/bad siutation

Educate the kids
Raise them right
teach them values
No Porn
No Voilence
Hard work/reward model
School > Work Experince > Training > Hard working carreer

It also shows that a lot of people are better off in TRADES
and low skill work

It also shows that COMMUNITY working together can raise the group up

Just look at the black community, black culture and black music NOW
compared to tradational slavery

With tradational slavery you had

Ethnic Mono suburbs
Ethnic Comminties
Ethnic Community markets
Ethnic Church
Ethnic Marriage
Ethnic Schools

The hard truth is most NON WHITES will never be able to compete with whites
on a equal footing because they are not AS GOOD AS WHITES

Blacks are better at
outside in sunlight
phsyical work

They are not University, maths,scieneists

This whole everyone is equal and can do anything is getting up
Non whites to fail ON PURPOSE

Look up
Differences in IQ
Bell Curve

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

26:40 NONE of the Anti whites (Feminists/LBGT/Marxist/trans/etc) will ever know or ADMIT
that it was mostly Blacks in South Africa and Jews behind the slave trade ,
right wing whites never had slaves,
the small amount of "WHITES" in USA that owned slaves were anti white Jews, kikes and white LEFT

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

* Jews vs Non Jewish
* Jews vs Whites/Nationalism/Freedom/Christianity
* International Jewery VS Goyim
* Natoinailists vs Anti Nationalism
* Authorianism vs Freedom

All Goverment is slavery
Global Commies
National Socialism
National Commies
all of it

Its all based on the self appointed authority that GOVERMENT
can rule, control and demand people do/act/control a certain way
and they have the POWER to transfer working class income
to the rich, corporations, banks and overseas goverments/nations/corporations
and the GOVERMENT has the best interest and best method to spend YOUR MONEY
thus facing ZERO conquences when they dont do it correctly and exposed to be
lying fruads and corrupt
and the ablity to remove freedom, rights and ablities because they claim it to be "LAW"

End goal is the same

Destroy White Race
Destroy White Society
Destory Nationalism
Destory Family Unit
Destory Economy
become the rulers of the planet and turn non jews into slave class by 2020-2030-2035

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

International Jewery / Global Zionists / NWO / Agenda 21 / Self Guilt Anti White Usefull Idiots

* Marxism >> Zionism
* Commie >> Zionism
* Feminism >> Zionism
* LGBT/Trans >> Zionism

Usefull tools
* Green
* Vegans
* Mininalists
* Artifcal Meat
* Climate XXXX
* Female Rights
* Non white rights

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

How to tell someone cant be trusted
in the poltical content creator sphere :-

* Over 500k subs
* Focus's too much on skeckles
* Gatekeeps content behind paywall
* Magically still can use - fakebook, censortube, twatter, twitch

* Married to mixed/jew
* Gay or "trans"
* Liberal, Feminist, pro diviersity , open borders avocate

* Wants higher min wage , demands goverment intervention to solve everything
* BFF with corporations, anti whites and anti repair
* supports banning guns black powered , gell blasters and airsoft

* Doesnt support ethnic nationalism
* Doesnt support ethnic protectionism
* Supports Multi race based society for whites and asia , yet china, noth korea and israel
get to have a mono single ethnic state

* Refuses to name the Jew/ISRAEL/ZIONISM
* Refuses to mention Agenda 21, NWO
* Refuses to mention Central banks, Corporations , Fait currency, usery, debt based economy
* Labels International Jewery as "GLOBALIST"

* Blames Russia + Iran + China for spying/hacking
instead of Israel/zionist control/inflance
* Supports multiculturalism
* Still on censortube, twatter or fakebook
* Supports ISRAEL and Zionists but blames "feminism" and ISLAM

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charliebrownau 5 months ago

We have been lied too ON PURPOSE for generations

* Goverment = Slavery
* Abortion = Murder
* Mass Abortion = Mass Murder
* Ethnic Mass Abortion = Ethnic Genocide
* Feminism = Zionism for goyim women against men
* Free Love + Global Homo + Feminism + Women working + Everyone working + Divorce courts + No fault divorce / alimony / child "support" - State forced weaponisation of women against men
* Open Borders = replacement population
* Equality = Equal Outcome + State Force & Excluding/holding back native ethnic straight males
* Representive Goverment = Represent UN + Agenda 21 + Israel first + Anti Native Ethnic Population
Anti Male + Anti hard work/merit + Anti White + Anti freedom
* Voting = Rigged show for tax cattle
* News = properagnda for the system/goverment
* National Spots = Entertainment to remove Race National Pride and shift it to another group (your countrys sports team)
* Veganism = lowering mens ablity to think, fight back and be strong , same with gay/trans/blaming men

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