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50 Year Old Single Women Are Afraid To Tell You This…

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Published on 08 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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PRICK 10 days ago

Let's see... She's made a lifetime of bad choices, single mother, poor eating habits, no exercise, and now she wants "MEN" to step in, and solve her problems.

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

#metoo #allmenarepigs #allmenarerapists #allsexisrape #believeallwomen #abortallmales #killallmen

My answer.

#walkedawayforever #nevertoreturn #monkforlife #mgtowsaveslives #notmyproblem #letitburn

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BIGLOAD 10 days ago

Man- these Hoes got their head up the Ass.

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slapmonkey 14 days ago

Wah. Whose fault is it indeed.

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MrA_H0Ie 14 days ago

After 0:05
Just the first few seconds of her are enough to know what's up.
She calls adult men MALES. Dead give away of her mindset. Done. Fuck her.

And no, she's not fuckin' CHUBBY. Chubby can still be sexy. This bitch is FAT as fuck.
Looking for excuses why she can't work out.
I'm not fat even when I don't work out for months!
She doesn't have to keep stuffing her HUGE mouth with unhealthy crap all the time. PUT THE SUGAR DOWN, BITCH.

Where is the man who she probably fucked up for life with child support? Why should anyone trust this piece of shit?

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Mustang 15 days ago

I get so tired of these Post-Wall Cunts constantly complaining who had plenty of good guys to chose from in their 20's but they were to busy rejecting them for Chad & Tyrone. Cry me a river, girlfriend!!!

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DutchCobbler 15 days ago

It's like they think fat, 50, and a single mother is a blessing to a single man. Do they want old fat guys? That second one still thinks she's a fixer-upper for 'buff' single men to swoop in and do the work on her that she won't do for herself, and she says she wants this while making excuses for why she's old and fat, including not 'having the time''. How is getting a boyfriend going to result in more time? Will she have time to get fit while he mows the lawn? Probably not while she mows down on bonbons.

She won't be the last. A whole generation of thots are headed for this. 30-80 is a long time when you're alone and the carousel's no longer for you.

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mrghoster 16 days ago

Let's just suppose a Good Guy (Deluded Guy), took this fat CUNT on, and he did stick with her and she shrank down to a good acceptable size? she's a women as soon as he had done all this for her she would be off looking for someone else? I wouldn't open a fucking door for a fefail these day's, not because I'm impolite but because their is no point? In the past I opened doors for fefails and either got glared at like I was a rapist or something or never got a thank you or even a smile of acknowledgement. I for one am most certainly finished with fefails.

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mrghoster 16 days ago

There are plenty of successful and Good MEN out here, but because success is a relevant think it covers a lot of ground. I have little money and only a handful of true friends, YEH! I deem myself very successful? I don't have a fancy house or a big Car or 6 figure income, but I am so fucking happy with what I do have I feel and behave in a successful manner because Less id More in my book's?

What are some of my successes in MY life. well I have spent most of it on my own without help or that delusion LOVE! lol! Then the SHTF with Covid and I realized that Lock down didn't effect me in the slightest, because that is how I lived HAPPILY before anyway's? i used my mind and thought to great a lanyard I wore round my neck that simply said "I'm Exempt" so for 18 months I didn't wear a Mask, that's is another Success because other than putting a string round my neck, it opened up or kept that freedom for me?

I cant begin to tell you the thinks I have created and evolved in Lock down that are all saving me money or Bettering me in some way. I never get angry or bad tempered anymore, and that's saying something! lol! I'm an expert Ghoster when out in public, I think I'm pretty invisible ?

I love being invisible because people don't hassle you, I also blend in as a Grey Man. IO tell no one anything about myself (This comment is OK) because no one knows me out side of MGTOW TV. So come on Guy's you can make yourself successful and not Give a FUCK what and Desperate Validation seeking CUNT Pussy want's! lol! they have priced themselves out of the Market and people (Guy's) are no longer buying? MGTOW IS FREEDOM! Peace Gentlemen.

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mrghoster 16 days ago

"CHUBBY"? thats being kind as well!

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I like this guy..... There are tons of smart guys..... Their analysis and insights into the bullshit fantasy world women live in and the crap they come out with....

And this fucking bitch - well to take some of my own advice, if she is into such shit hot men, how come she is such a sack of shit woman?

I don't see her making her way for a few K's riding of the push bike and going to the gym once or twice a week... or even getting some cheap steel pipe and sticking on a few weights... or making up a basic gym kit....

"Oh I don't have the time to go to the gym!" - Well she can't get off her arse and go for a 10 minute walk twice a day either....

So she will just have to lay her fat arse on her back, and dream about gorgeous 25 year old guys with foot long dongs, while she fucks her sloppy old hole with big rubber dicks.....

She has nothing worth listening too.

Have you noticed the abundance of excuses and a total lack of reasons in her diatribe of shit?

Like she can allocate 2 hours a day to watch soap operas on TV, but she can't find an hour a day to get off her arse and GO DO SOMETHING.

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sauger1001 16 days ago

Shyt, soap operas? Two hours is a pretty decent nap for me. Fvck a soap opera! LMAO.

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TelepathicRapist 16 days ago

I almost fell out of my chair. These women have no self awareness. I guarantee she railroaded some men in the past and now she wants it both ways. unreal. I think if women were more self aware, they wouldn't do the stupid stuff they always do.

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