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5 HARSH Truths About WOMEN, Men Learn TOO Late

Published on 05 Dec 2022 / In People & Blogs

5 HARSH Truths About WOMEN, Men Learn TOO Late (BRUTAL Truths...) | HIGH Value Men | self development coach. This is also the key to work motivation. Masculine energy and frame.

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Furioso 2 months ago

Even with these advices ,interacting with these narcissists is too risky .If you self improve too much financially speaking ,you will feed these scumbags elites who promote degenerancy .The juice is not worth the squeeze anymore ,men have no parental rights except provide for children that can be other men seeds ,they can be in jail because of wahmen lies ,they can be ruined by divorce courts ,they can be easily cheated on with dating apps when bitches get bored .In my opinion ,this video is not truly red pilled ,it's purple pill at best (hope strategy/NAWALT type video) .Wahmen have no incentive to stay faithful or take care of a family nowadays .Listen to this guy talking about masculine frame or stoic attitude is ridiculous in this day and age .

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Good points or video... I obviously liked some if the clips.

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