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34 Year Old Freaks Out Because Men No Longer Want To Date Her

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Published on 20 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

Today's video clip talks about a woman who complains that there is no one left to date, now that she is getting older. She rejected and used men and now wants to find a "good one". Get access to exclusive UNFILTERED content not found on YouTube Join at https://patreon.com/donovansharpe ** LIKE, Comment, SUBSCRIBE! ** Got a Question or Comment? Call The TSR Voicemail Box - 702-919-7197

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wroger_wroger 10 months ago

I am not disrespecting anyone who is commenting about Amy Wartson, It's educational.
But I am so sick of HER and her retarded never ending cock carousel riding, till she and all the fucktard women like her run out of their daily dick feast and end up OLD and UNFUCKABLE and totally STRANDED..... Amy I am only going to pretend that you will be reading this, "Amy - just fuck off and take your bullshit with you".

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mrghoster 10 months ago

These type of women have reached Critical mass, or "The Gaussian Curve" the Gaussian Curve is when society generally or any system has past the point of no return and is irreparable. "Relationshit's" and general MALE female interaction is now so damaged by feminism and Gynocentrism, all caused by the female may i add that the MAN is now on the rise to glory again with a new life and experience. the old is DEAD, no dating, no marriage, no fucking even, the last being due to Hypergamy and STD's .

Personally as a MGTOW Monk in COVID times as well I am THRIVING in what I do best and that is being alone, doing my own shit, I have no debt or commitment to anyone else but myself. so a really BIG sarcastic THANK YOU to feminism for freeing MEN from their slavery! lol! Those of course naturally that have seen the light of being a REAL MAN!

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