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21 Feminists describe 'what is MGTOW' LOL! -Men going their own way

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Published on 15 May 2022 / In Film & Animation

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#MGTOW #Manosphere #RedPill #FathersRights #MensRights #formen #OnlineDating #marriage #divorce #Thots #childsupport #tiktok #success

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Malkav Saiya Yautja
Malkav Saiya Yautja 1 month ago

This women don't know crap about MGTOW.

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Drums_McBashington 1 month ago

They can't. They're unable to understand that men just don't want them. It's the Golden Vagina Syndrome.

   1    0
TelepathicRapist 1 month ago

what values does a woman with a 20+ body count have? this fictitious scenario 15 describes I'm sure didn't exist with the men she actually chose to sleep with or be in a relationship with.

   2    0
TelepathicRapist 1 month ago

I can tell you these women if you had to deal with them on a day to day basis in real life it would be terrible. These women talk so much with all these complicated things like they have it all figured out and the reality is, men care very little about all these complexities, its a lot of projection coming from these women, they are trying to convince the male viewers as to why you should want them to be masculine, but this will never work effectively. You can tell they think there is supposed to be equality in a relationship. This is not the case. A man leads in the relationship, the woman submits. I can tell these women would not do this, therefore, I would suggest steering clear of these types of women, they will be disobedient and have a problem with playing the role of a woman. I would also suggest if they have such high brained insights that can stand critique solely on merit, please go on film without all the makeup and then will really see how it goes, good luck then. The audience is either the sisterhood, or men they have caught in a trance.

   2    0
FL_Steve 1 month ago

Only one of these cunts even mentioned divorce rape, and she ridiculously says just marry a woman with values and she would never do that to you. LMAO.

   3    0
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