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13 minutes of women explaining why men don't approach them anymore...

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Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

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PRICK 1 month ago

I wear dark glasses, use the brim of my ball cap as a set of blinders, look down, look away, don't smile, don't look approachable at all, I try to look angry all the time. I worked assembly with a woman right next to me, sometimes inches away from her for 4 weeks, and never learned her name. I try to do that with all the women I have to work with.

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doomem2 1 month ago

Marriage was never benefit men it was always a government/religions trap to fuck men over and get
their money through the women and make them "settle down" so the men won't do an armed rebellion
against them (government/religions) because they heave a "family to think of"

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zarroth 1 month ago

Not a religious trap. Modern marriage is NOT religious marriage. Religious marriage is a binding contract between families..not individuals. They did not marry for love, which is fickle on their side anyway. It was a contract, bound by blood (i.e. offspring). Back then, there were times when you needed to rely on the extended family for simple survival, and that was always the purpose of marriage. The way it is defined today is why you think this, but you h ave to look at history and undrstand why things were that way to really understand it.

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doomem2 1 month ago

all "four wave" of feminism was about women supremacy. on the "first wave" the government give women
the right to vote without signing for enlisting in the military. they also get the right to to get the man's
house, money, children and get child support and alimony in divorce or death of the man. (before that law,
all the man possession including his children was transfer to his family(parents or sibling) if the man dies).
the "second wave" was "no fault divorce". there is no "wave" in feminism it's all to gradually enslave man
to the government and the women's whims.

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doomem2 1 month ago

Human don't "pair-bonding" especially women, women are incapable of love they only love themselves,
man can love and sacrifice himself fore who he love and women deliberately take advantage of these facts

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doomem2 1 month ago

False accusations (rape),sperm-jacking paternity fraud (18 to 23 years in baby jail) and condoms
will not protect you from all of the above not even from the STD or STI. good luck out there

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DutchCobbler 1 month ago

Straight away that blonde is saying it's men' fault for being afraid of rejection and are too shy. Men aren't afraid of women, men dislike being abused. Women, for all of their so-called "emotional intelligence" are heartless and manipulative of all men, just check out Brittany Renner. She's not tout of the norm, she's just more upfront abut her attitude toward men. Even my grandmother, who would have been well into her 90s by now, saw men as wallets and punching bags, and enjoyed being cruel to them in her youth like a demented child enjoys pulling the wings from flies for their amusement.

Ladies, boys are shy, most men are not shy, your nature has just become too repulsive for us to want to try anymore. This doesn't even take into account the steep rise in mental illness and false allegations that make an already unpleasant experience a potentially dangerous one.

No carousel rider, single mother, feminist, college educated, or career woman is going to hold a lot of appeal, and maybe that's the biggest reason of all. If the only juice we get for the squeeze is attitude and the congealed baby batter of your 25+ exes, why would a man even WANT YOU?

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

Women don't FEAR men. That's the ultimate root to all of these problems.
The lack of fear stems from decades of JEWISH SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Men are blocked from acting by the Police State. Women are free to disrespect men and suffer no retribution. No woman gets wet over a man that she has no fear of.

I used to think that all was lost but, the TALIBAN is showing men everywhere how to defeat ZOG and restore true law and order. Afghanistan was seriously polluted with Jew filth for 20 years but, the TALIBAN has overhauled it in a matter of DAYS.
Women BANNED from government!
Feminism quelled!
Dirty Sharmutas punished by flogging!
Men restored to their rightful place!
Jew Filth being flushed out of the schools and media! Allahu Akbar!!!

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